Agile programming for your family

Dear 5W parents. Here’s your part of our Unit 1 (Conflict) Home Learning!! In fact this is a great TED talk from an American cultural point of view. I recognise different cultures may have slightly different views! However, it’s well worth watching if you can spare 18 minutes one day. It will help you to work with your child to negotiate your family decisions/contract.


Kiva – How does it work?

Dear 5W Parents,

5W students have been exploring Kiva for the first time today. If your son or daughter chooses to join in, his or her job is to raise 3,000 yen – which would pay for a USD$25 loan and an optional nearly USD$4 donation to Kiva. The USD$25 is a LOAN, not a donation. It has a 99% chance of being repaid

Monday 16th September – School Closed due to approaching Typhoon

Dear all,

I hope today’s school closure hasn’t ruined your public holiday Monday!

Please find a link HERE for possible ideas + activities – if you should wish your child to work on something today. Including for example: Reading Journal Activities

Students: Here is something that Miss Blum has just shared with me. If you want to do some inquiry, find out all you can about typhoons. You might ask:

  • What is a typhoon?
  • Where did the word come from?
  • Why is Japan susceptible to typhoons (why do they get typhoons)?
  • Why do we close school during a typhoon?

You can post anything you learn here in the comments and tell us tomorrow. Also, remember we will have our literature circles tomorrow, so make sure you have read your pages and have your Summariser / Discussion Director / Wordsmith and Illustrator work ready to share with your group.

Keep thinking about your DIY home learning due this Friday. Please check your Google Docs for the requirements.

Alternatively, your child may wish to work on his or her Literacy Circle book, DIY presentation for this Friday or any other creative project.

The most important thing though is to stay safe and sound out of harms way. Sudden wind gusts can be extremely dangerous.

Students, see you all on Tuesday 17th. Stay safe and see you tomorrow.

Mr. Weekes


DIY – Home Learning Central

DIY. Get skills. Be awesome

Parent Guide to DIY – please watch the 1 min 442 second video

Dear Parents

As we get ready to launch our Home Learning challenges with your child, we would like to introduce you to our main tool – DIY. This was a huge success with our students last year. It provides opportunities for creativity and choice and was extremely motivating for all.

We will need you to give permission for your child to use DIY at home. When we set up the children’s accounts, you will get an email request. You can monitor your child’s account to see what she or he is doing and has done.

I’m sure having seen the video, you will see the potential of DIY for your child.

Thank you very much

Julian Weekes