These are our new Literacy Circle books – for November 2013

Please note: Groups may be changed in December or at the beginning of 2014

November 2013 Literacy Circle Books

  • all students have changed ‘roles’ – but will keep their new role throughout this book
  • this is Home Learning – students need to read one quarter of the book each week, to the group agreed upon page – and be ready to discuss/show their work to their group and myself on Mondays. 
  • Summarizer / Wordsmith / Illustrator and Discussion Director feedback templates are available on Google Docs. Please make a COPY each time you need a new document and put your own name on it.
  • 4 weeks to read these books and 4 feedback discussions. Deadline Monday November 25th.
This forms an important part of Home Learning along with DIY projects in Grade 5

How to write a science report

5W students and parents,

We are using a modeled science report from the Steve Spangler ‘Sick Science‘ websites to write about 1 of the great experiments we watched on Monday. We shall have finished it by the end of the week in our writing books (if you want to have a look at home, please do)

Please see Dry Ice Balloon _ Experiments _ Steve Spangler Science for an example of a science report that we can follow 

There are normally one of these for each of his experiments.
Basically, you will need to write:
Paragraph 1: An introduction – why did you choose this experiment? Why is it interesting to you?
Paragraph 2: Materials
Paragraph 3: Experiment (method) – what actually happened, IN ORDER, use bullet points.
Paragraph 4: Taking it further – If you could change things, a ‘variable’ (one thing each time), what would it be?
Paragraph 5: Can you explain HOW it worked? If not, write your opinion. AFTER that, look on Steve Spangler’s sites (click his print experiment link for each experiment) site or the internet
Good luck and have fun
PS… please write in pen/pencil in your writing book. NEATLY please. Every other line.

So HOW do you divide?

5W students. Please remember to:

  • be NEAT
  • title and date
  • show an ESTIMATE and how you worked that out
  • show or tell HOW you worked out the answer – you will have to describe it here
  • make sure your answer is clearly highlighted

OK – so… divide 1953 by 7

What would you do? Write your answer as a description in the COMMENT boxes below.

A message from Mrs. Bowering – our School Nurse

Dear Parents:

The annual YIS Cross Country will be held in Negishi Park on Wednesday November 20th.

Students will practice during the PE lesson for the run over the next couple of weeks.

Parents with students who have asthma or other respiratory challenges should make sure that their children are up to date with their medication (especially inhalers).  Please bring the inhaler to the practice and cross country day if it is necessary.

Please inform the PE teacher and the nurse of any condition that could be affected by running.


YIS Health Office

A PE message from Mrs. Hamada (Head of PE) regarding Cross Country running

Cross Country season is here!  This week (and the next 2 weeks) all G3-5 students will travel to Negishi Park with their PE teachers to run a practice of the event.  Please check your PE teachers blog for more information but if you could please remind students:
  • to bring appropriate PE clothing, particularly shoes – running focus not fashion or sandals.
  • Water bottle (labelled w student name)
  • Warm weather jumpers or other to wear to the park and afterwards
  • MEDICAL ALERT: if any of your students have asthma or require an epipen, they should bring this with them on the bus and in their pocket when running and alert PE staff that they have them.  We are finding that Veracross is not always reliable about the most up-to-date medical alerts and so would appreciate your reminding students and letting either myself, Kate or Asako know if you have any students needing particular attention.
  • The bus will leave promptly so please do bring your class down on time to the back gate ready for PE at 8.30am.  We will be back by 9.45am for you to pick up your students.
  • Any class teachers wanting to come with us will be very welcome!
  • We will be discussing mental endurance as students work in this unit, please take the time to talk this through with students over the next month.
  • CC day is Wed 20th November.

Parents can register for Mathletics here

Dear 5W parents,

I talked with many of you at the Parent Teacher Conferences about monitoring your child’s progress with Mathletics. Your child knows his or her username and password and I can supply these to you if necessary.

Parent registration for Mathletics can be found HERE. Which should look like this.

Mathletics is one resource we use at YIS to support our elementary Math curriculum.

Typhoon Day Information – Please stay safe

Dear 5W students and parents and caregivers,

Good morning everyone. I have just sent this information to you by email.
If you go to your email – all the links below in BLUE will be ‘live’ – and therefore easy to access websites directly. Plus, there may be attachments on the email that you can use or need.
First of all – stay SAFE. Please don’t go running around in the wind. Gusts of wind can kick up at any time and be extremely dangerous.
5W students – here are some things for you to do – in order – if you get the time. Don’t worry if you are not able to work at home today. You do NOT have to do any or all of this work if you cannot do it for any reason. We shall continue with these activities in class in the next 2 days. So – your mission, should you choose to accept – is as follows:
1. Go to your SMART goals on Google Docs and now that you have had your Parent – Teacher – Student conference, please finish this as best as you can, if you haven’t already.
2. Maths – why not try these 6 multiplication problems and use 2 or 3 different ways to solve them (as we did yesterday in class). Remember to estimate first and show all your working out. See attachment if this LINK doesn’t work.
3. Reading 1 – Literacy Circles – it is IMPORTANT that you have read and finished your literacy circle book on TumbleBook LIbrary – AND that you have written/drawn what you needed to do as part of your role as Wordsmith or Discussion Director or Illustrator or Summarizer. Remember that you can find the guidelines to write or draw for your role in Google Docs.
4. Reading 2 – Please join ‘Goodreads‘ online if your parents will let you – where you can see what your friends are reading. When you have joined, I would like you to ADD 10 books that you have read in the last year that you really liked. Your friends will be able to see these books. If you can, why not write a short comment on why you liked each one.
Use this LINK for Goodreads to get an invitation from me
5. KIVA – can you earn your last bit of money for Kiva by cleaning up the house (or outside after the winds have gone) ? Please add any money that you have earned to our KIVA spreadsheet HERE
6. 3. Newsademic – have you finished? If not, the questions and crossword are attached to this email message.
7. DIY – for Friday. Please have your latest and best DIY project to share with everyone in class for Friday 18th October.
But most importantly, please look after yourselves and I shall look forward to seeing you all on Thursday morning
Mr. Weekes