A visit to a Seniors’ Home

To find out what discoveries and inventions have been most important to these Seniors in their life times.

Would you like to check what Grade 5 maths looks like on one link?

Khan Academy – Grade 5 (Content was selected for this grade level based on a typical curriculum in the United States). If you want harder or easier stuff, search for the curriculum one grade level higher or lower.


This is a GREAT tool for Home Learning. Watch a video or 2, try some of the questions. Get stuck – click ‘get a hint’ or watch the video again, or watch the second video – there’s normally at least 2 videos.

What’s happening in 5W and Home Learning this week

Dear 5W students and parents

There’s a lot happening right now in school. A lot to do here, and a lot that can be followed up on at home. Science video IS our DIY for the week, plus we have Literacy Circle reading, Kiva writing and choosing and some division problems that some may need to finish at home.

Please see our current (regularly changing) 5W class ‘to do’ Google Doc HERE for a quick view of what’s happening / what there is to do – with links to various helpful sites etc.

I hope you got to see Lukus’ video as a great first step example of what you can do from home and school.

Thank you everyone.

What Science Experiment are you going to do (and film) at home?

Why not use or follow one of the many science friendly kids experiments at Science Kids  (especially if the Steve Spangler experiments are proving too hard to do or get stuff for)

Can you video (film) yourself making it? Stay SAFE always. Please have adult supervision at home. Especially when using heat or sharp instruments.

Let’s edit your video footage next week in school.

Mr. Weekes

Now… in the comment boxes below, please tell me what experiment you are going to do.