A visit to a Seniors’ Home

To find out what discoveries and inventions have been most important to these Seniors in their life times.

2 thoughts on “A visit to a Seniors’ Home

  1. 2013/11/29 Yuichiro
    Seniors’ Home

    Nov 28 we went to a Seniors’ home. We walked 15 minutes throught the park to get there. The home was really gorgeous. We had to wash our hands and gargle because seniors gets sick easily. We met a lady called Furuya Mitsuko who was born in 1923 so she is about 90 years old. She was born after the big earth quake called “the Great Kanto earth quake.” After she was born World War II started. She was hiding in an air- raid shelter and she survived. She liked watching English movie. The biggest invention was the television for her. They used the radio before television. I cant live without a television! After I finished talking to Furuya san I felt really good and I learned a lot of things.

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