Welcome to The Hour of Code

The founders of Facebook, Microsoft, and Google all started their journeys with just one line of code. This week 5 million students in 33,000 classrooms across 167 countries will be trying out code as part of Computer Science Education Week. Khan Academy created an ‘Hour of Code’ lesson. At the end of the hour, students will have (hopefully coded their very own greeting card to send to someone this holiday season:

If they can type, they can code. Coding may seem a little scary to some, but Khan Academy have made a fun hour of coding that’ll have them building things in a snap. They have custom made a tutorial for students that requires no prior experience and is good for grades 3 to 12 and beyond – anybody can learn:

Welcome to our Hour of Code!: Pamela welcomes you to our programming community here on Khan Academy.

Adding and subtracting fractions word problems

For those of you NOT on Twitter (tsk, tsk!) – here’s a screenshot that you should be mysteriously getting from your child this week, indicating proficiency in dealing with word problems dealing with fractions with different denominators. It doesn’t have to be 5 consecutive correct ones – well at least this week 🙂

If you don’t, please talk to your child. She or he can do this at home too on Khan Academy. And they aren’t that straight forward! Try one.