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  1. Hi 5W,
    I have a question for you.
    If I eat one pot of noodles, how much exercise do I need to do to burn off the calories?
    I wonder how much energy eating the noodles will give me.
    Ms. Catasti

    • Dear Ms. Catasti

      It really depends on what Cup Noodle you have. The one 5W and 5B made had around 300 calories and there are many ways to burn that off: Play badminton for 45 mins. Or tidy up your garden for 42 minutes. Or walk a dog for a hour. Or go jogging for thirty mins. I hope you enjoy doing one of these

      From Shinba

    • Dear Ms. Catasti,

      It really depends on what kind of noodles you ate. If you ate Chicken Ramen (which is the one we made) you would have to burn 377 calories. To burn those calories you could ride the bike for an hour (no breaks), Walk for an hour , and maybe run for 90 minutes on the treadmill.

    • Dear Ms.Catasti,

      There are two kinds of noodle, the cup one and Chicken noodle.
      If you were to eat Chicken noodle there are about 290~377 calories in it, so if you want to burn those calories you could try planting flowers for an hour, washing windows for 2 hours or you can also run very fast for a long, long time. Ha.

      Wenyu in 5W

    • Dear Ms.Catasti.

      It depends on the exercise. For example, if you swim for about 40 minutes it will burn 400 cals. If you eat one chicken noodle they will give us energy to swim around 40 minutes.

      From Takumi Choi in 5w

  2. Ms.Catasti,

    Our noodles that we made were about 300 calories in a packet. For example if you want to burn 300 calories I would do some of these things below.

    1. Horse Back Riding: 60 minutes
    2. Cross-country hiking: 40 minutes
    3. Running 10-minute mile: 24 minutes
    4. Tennis: 35 minutes
    5. Biking 12-14 mph: 30 minutes

    Thank you for asking,
    Kate M.

  3. Hello Ms. Catasti

    There is multiple answers to the question you have asked, Say the one we made was 377 calories (which saids on the official web of theirs) and we can round that up to 400 calories so to burn 400 calories we can do sports such as

    (1) Basketball: shooting hoops for 20 minutes

    (2) Baseball or soft ball: for 18 minutes

    (3) Playing catch with a football for 35 minutes

    You can also Do chores like

    (1) Raking leaves for 23 minutes

    (2) Washing the car for 20 minutes

    (3) weeding the garden for 18 minutes

    Hope that was helpful

    From Luke O 5w

  4. Hi, Ms. Catasti

    Hi, there are at least 300 calories in a a cup noodle depending on the flavour, the ones with less oil ones have less calories the chicken flavour ones have more calories.

    If you want to burn 250 to 300 calories there are many things you can do. For example how about
    sleeping for 5 hours. This will burn 300 calories so try eating it for dinner! If you want to burn it by exercising you will have to do 15 minutes of constant and heavy exercising or 30 to 45 you can do light exercising.

  5. Dear Ms. Catasti,
    My answer might be different from others but the website that I went on told me that there are 190 calories in one pack of chicken noodles! To lose 190 calories, one of the best options is to walk 45 minutes every day. You’ll lose 298 calories (if you are around 175 pounds). (It also depends on your weight). It’s also really good because it’s healthy for you to breathe in fresh air and also gain some muscle.
    I hope this helped you!

    Lukus Mui in 5W


  6. Dear Ms. Catasti,
    I have a reasonable answer for you. One pot of noodles would usually be around 100 to 300 calories. It depends on the flavourings and toppings on the pot noodle. If you want to burn the calories, these are ways you could burn 300 calories: for example why not play golf for 44 min, tennis for 35 min, biking (12-14 mph) for 30 min, Jump rope for 24 min. There are many other ways but I have just put a few.
    From, Qianyu 5W

  7. well it depends on what kind of noodles you eat because they have different kinds of food in them but if you eat the chicken noodles (which 5W and 5B made) then it will be 277 calories. To burn this off you could do these things that would burn 300 calories each, just a bit over. you could rake the garden for 20 minutes or even sleep for 5 hours

  8. Dear Ms. Catasti,

    If you eat a pot of noodles they will have about 100 – 300 calories in a pot. If it is 100 calories you will need to do one of these to burn 100 calories: Ride a bike for 23 minuets, ice skate for 18 minutes, cook for 34 minutes, sleep for 1 hour and 40 minutes, dancing around the living room for 20 minutes, do the dishes for 40 minutes or play frisbee for 30 minutes.

    Ayaka Nakasuji 5W

  9. There are so many types of pot noodles so there is not an exact number of calories in a pot noodle but lets say one is 300 calories. You can play tennis for 40 minuets or you can vacuum your house for an hour and 18 minuets.

  10. Dear Ms. Catasti,

    It really depends on what kind of noodles you ate. If you ate Chicken Ramen (which is the one we made) you would have to burn 377 calories. To burn those calories you could ride the bike for an hour (no breaks), Walk for an hour , and maybe run for 90 minutes on the treadmill.


  11. Dear Ms. Catasti,

    Here is my answer to your question. So it depends on what kind of Cupnoodle you eating. For Nissin pot noodle there are about 300kcal. To burn 300 kcal you can do one of the following:

    Yoga: 20 minutes
    Jumping rope: 24 minutes
    Cardio dance class: 15 minutes
    Swimming: 15 minutes moderate intensity
    Volleyball (non-competitive): 80 minutes

    For the one we made at the Cupnoodle museum (Chicken ramen) there are more kcal than in pot noodles, so you need to do more harder stuff to burn off the extra calories. Don’t eat them every day Ms. Catasti!

  12. Dear Ms. Catasti,

    It depends on what kind of noodles you eat. If you eat chicken ramen you would be eating 300 calories, which is quite a lot. To burn those calories you could run about 30 minutes or you could walk a dog for about an hour or even more.

    Good luck with your exercise Ms. Catasti

    Ayako Maeda in 5W

  13. Dear Ms. Catasti,

    for the question you are asking, it all depends! Noodles from different companies have different materials and different amout of calories too, but all the noodles have about from 100~400 calories. These are some things that you could do to burn 100 calories!! Dancing around the living room for 20 minutes, playing with children for 23 minutes, or doing dishes for 40 minutes! Some of those are pretty easy. For 300 calories you could plant trees for 54 minutes, or even go cross-country hiking for 40 minutes!! You could easily have some fun doing these things! Erica-5W

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