Belief or opinion?

What is the difference between an opinion and a belief? In your opinion that is?

I ‘believe’ in:

  • living a (fairly) healthy lifestyle
  • the importance of sleep
  • education for all
  • chasing your dreams
  • being responsible for yourself and your own achievements
  • pushing yourself (safely)
  • being as nice as possible to all humans and animals

I have an ‘opinion’ about:

  • what is the best chocolate
  • which kind of person do I prefer to spend time around
  • football is the best sport
  • Thailand being a great country to live in

Parent Introduction to the PYP Exhibition

Dear all,

Thank you to to all of the parents who attended last week’s Parent Introduction to the PYP Exhibition. It was great to see everyone and students said they enjoyed having conversations with their parents about their interests. For those of you who couldn’t make it, here is the slideshow with text below. Students are all excited about their journey, and we are sure that you are too.