ACTION – what I’m actually going to DO with what I learned

If you would like to know WHAT your child decided to DO with what s/he learned during his/her Exhibition, please take a look at our Grade 5 Exhibition website – it would be great if you could make a final comment too. We posted our thoughts about what ACTION we could take last week.

We will check back in early June to see HOW your child has done! This ACTION component of the Exhibition is super important – it’s a real ‘so what!’ And we have discussed in class what action can be:

  • teaching / informing others
  • encouraging / motivating others
  • sure – raising money is one option
  • volunteering (with appropriate supervision)
  • continuing to learn more yourself – answering (and asking) further questions
  • producing a pamphlet, podcast, movie, essay, poster, art work – anything connected with your Exhibition
  • I’m sure there’s lots of other things you could do too!

The idea is that the students should (possibly with just a little bit of encouragement), your child should be interested in following his or her Exhibition up in an interesting and hopefully useful way.