A way to manage conversations with your child (TED talk)

Dear 5W parents for 2014 ~ 2015

Welcome to our 5W class blog. Your child will be making regular contributions to this page and I hope it proves to be useful to you and your family this year.

I’d like to kick off the year by suggesting a video to watch at home. It would be good to watch it with your child, but certainly with your husband/wife/partner.

So – here’s your part of our Unit 1 on ‘Sharing the Planet’ (Conflict) Home Learning!! In fact this is a great TED talk (from an American cultural point of view.) I recognise different cultures may have slightly different views! However, it’s well worth watching if you can spare 18 minutes one day. It will help you to work with your child to negotiate your family decisions/contract – if you care to make one.