Typhoon Day – Monday 6th October

Dear 5W students,

If this finds you at home and wondering what to do on this ‘typhoon day’ – please consider the following:

Number One – please stay SAFE and out of the wind.

Things you can do:

You have 2 assignment DUE today: (If you know or can work out how to ‘turn in’ your assignments – please do. If not, we can do it tomorrow in class – of course you need to be finished and ready to do so!

1. Your personal family agreement – this would be a GREAT day to make sure you have done this
2. Finished collecting and entering your after school activity data.

please check on your 5W Google Classroom site

3. Remember you have a DIY task to present in school this Friday. You need to get it ready AND fill in the document you have in your Google Classroom.

4. Any outstanding maths from last week on Mathletics or Khan Academy.


Have a safe and relaxing day everyone.

Mr. Weekes