Maths vocabulary? Do you remember what **** is?

Answer (please) these questions in the comment box below. Please write in FULL sentences following the example I have given in my comment below this post!

1. What is a ‘proper fraction?’ Write an example.
2. What is an ‘improper fraction?’ Write 2 examples.
3. What is a mixed number? Write 3 examples of a ‘mixed number.’
4. What is the word that means the answer to a division problem? Write the answer.
5. What does the word ‘like’ denominator mean? And what is another word for ‘like?’ Begins with C*****!
6. What is another word for a fraction with the same ‘value’ as another? Begins with E*********. Give 1 example of two fractions that have the same value.

2-4-8 thinking routine

We used this thinking routine with working out what we ‘think’ we know about energy. Not easy. But I think we all understood it.

Marble Roll Challenge – planning

We challenged the students to design a free standing structure that they could roll a marble down or through, which would then roll 3 meters and try to hit a small bottle. The students worked in mixed class groups. The photos show the students in their initial planning stage – they had 15 minutes.

Energy exists in different forms and is changed, stored and used in different ways.

Welcome to our third unit of inquiry for the year. We shall be learning more about ‘energy’ and what being a scientist is all about. You may enjoy watching the videos on the following YouTube playlist. We shall watch some in class too. Many of the videos are worth watching MORE than once.