So – who wants to be a member of the YIS Elementary Student Council?

2 students from each class can join. Speeches THIS Friday.

If you are interested in joining ES Student Council, use this next one week to prepare your speech at home (1 to 2 minutes long).

This speech should explain why you believe YOU should be in the Student Council.

In your speech, reflect how you demonstrate:

-the 3Cs – which are commitment (do you have it?), communicator (are you a good one?) and caring – I’m sure you are but how?

-the Learner Profiles and Attitudes

-good leadership skills (what do you think you are good at doing? what suggestions might you have?)

Friday September 18th – This is election day! You will make your speech in front of your class. Your classmates will all vote and choose two people from your class to be the SC reps.

We will contact all selected class reps by email, and have our first ES Student Council meeting on Tuesday September 22nd in 3N classroom (M108).

We will use the Australian ‘Preferential Voting’ system to decide! Watch THIS VIDEO again if you want to understand more about HOW it works.