Kiva loans made by 5W

5W students have been working since September to raise/earn enough money outside of school to be able to finance one USD$25.00 loan through

All students have joined in our efforts in some way and I am proud to say that we have together made loans to people or groups on Kiva worth over USD$500 – or approximately JPY 60,000. You can check on who we have made loans to by clicking on the links in THIS document

Our loans will hopefully be repaid over the next 8 months. If the loan is repaid, it will then be up to your child whether s/he withdraws the money or re-lends it. That will be his/her choice as it is of course his/her money.

Thank you parents for supporting your child. I think it’s a great lesson in teaching how we can, in a small way, help others to help themselves.


A thank you letter to an English Adventure camp counsellor

We had such a wonderful time on camp last week with the English Adventure team at Chichibu in Saitama. 5W students wanted to send a ‘thank you’ letter to one of the counsellors – Jeff, Masha, Kozue san, Toshi (Senior) San, Mike, Peter and Gary the wonderful cook. It’s taken us a week to draft up the letter, write it in our books, type or voice type the letter, edit again, turn it in and print a copy! Phew.

Please see your child’s letter in his or her comment box below.

So what time would you arrive?

Thursday 8th October:

I want you to imagine you take a flight from Tokyo to New York. You leave at 11:00 a.m. Japan time and the flight takes 14 hours (to the nearest hour).

Please ANSWER THIS QUESTION TODAY: What time would you arrive in New York (NY time) if you left Japan at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday 8th October? And on what day/date?

Remember that you need to think of the time difference between Tokyo and New York. You can find it HERE

Take a look at my example (for a different city) in my comment section below. Check the Flight Time Calculator attached below.

What is the time difference between Tokyo and a world city of your choice?

Wednesday 7th October: Choose any city in the world that you are interested in (outside of Japan). Why not choose one far away from here?

Which city did you choose?
What is the time difference between Tokyo and the city of your choice?
Is that city behind Japan time or ahead of Japanese time?
If the time is 9:00 a.m. in Japan, what time and day would it be in the city of your choice?

Check this link.

Check my comment below for a model answer

How many seconds in one day?

Tell us the answer …. BUT… much more importantly, tell us all HOW you worked it out. See my comment below for a hint… Please write your explanation of HOW you worked it out (with the answer at the end) in the comment box below.