WHO have you chosen as your main PEACE person?

Why out of all the people you looked at did you choose this person?

What did she or he do that helped solve world conflict?

Please BITLY your Google Slides presentation (make sure you SHARE with anyone on the web who has the link) and put it in the comment box with a brief explanation saying:

Well, please see my comment for an example:

15 thoughts on “WHO have you chosen as your main PEACE person?

  1. I chose 3 people and i want to share one of them with you. I want to share about Malala because Malala got shot 3 times on the head because of the Iraq war but a miracle happened and she was ok.Malala wanted girls to go to school and get education like boys because it’s not fair and she kept fighting for girls and said there is no limits of education and i think the same because we are all humans and I also think there should be no limit’s of genders. Thank you for reading!!! I hope you watch my presentation too!


  2. I choose Nelson Mandela who was born in 18 July 1918. When he was a small child, War started in his country called South Africa. After this big disaster, the English took over and treat the black people un respectful. For example there were some signs that says only white people. When Mandela was a teen, he fought against this law and got arrested. He was in jail for about 25 years. After that big trouble. He finally got out from jail, and also he made peace in the country and around the world. After he treated people nice and make peace, he became a president of south Africa and he got a nobel peace prize as an peace leader. He was the famous man but he died on December 5th 2013 naturally.


  3. I chose Kailash Satyarthi because had a big struggle to stop child labour. Child labour is making kids work and when they work they cant go to school. I think this is a huge problem because if children cant get proper education they are not taught to be peaceful and they will cause death and violence. Thats why I chose him because he tryied to stop it and remember children is our future and saving children is saving our future.

    Sorry the link is this


    Thank you
    Andrew Taiga

  4. Martin Luther King is actually like the american Nelson Mandela, he stood up for apartheid in america and did not back down, he got married to Coretta Scott king. He did a few marches and then in one he got shot by a sniper, even though he was very good when he was good when he was older you never know what he might have done when he was a child, he could have stolen stuff but, or done bad things that were bad, but that does make him what he is today he may have done something that was bad or maybe he did not but the bad things that we do or the good things that we do is what makes special.


  5. I chose 3 people to write about. They were Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus and Walt Disney. I chose Martin Luther King Jr. because he fights for black’s rights. I chose Jesus because he loves all of us no matter what we do. And I chose Walt Disney because he teaches kids lessons in ways that kids will remember it.

    Link: http://bit.ly/1GtuEES

  6. Walt Disney inspires us with his movies and stories. And he tried to enlist (join) the army.
    His stories have a message one in each movie eg: Cinderella’s message is to be caring and respect others thoughts and dreams

  7. I chose Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai and Dalai Lama. Nelson Mandela was the president of South Africa. I think he is Reflective because he knew that conflict could not be solved by violence, from what he has excpereaenced.
    This is the link to my presentation of people who solved conflict in a peaceful way:

  8. My main person is Alva Myrdal because she fought for a nuclear weapons free zone. She was given the Nobel Peace Prize in Sweden in 1982 for what she had done. Alva Myrdal was also made a member of the Riksdag, which is a legislative branch for Sweden. Alva was also an ambassador to India.


  9. I chose Theodore Roosevelt because he stopped the war between Russia and Japan by offering some of his good officers and because of this he won the nobel peace prize in 1906.He died in the age of 60 while he was asleep. This is the link to go to my slide http://bit.ly/1Pgb1aK and please click it!

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