5W are writing a non-fiction article about an important discovery or invention

After choosing an invention or discovery last week, we researched information to write our own article using different resources (article/books/internet video/Britannica on-line/websites etc).

The students are in the process of writing the article now. They have made their article viewable to you and have put their ‘Bitly’ link into the comment box below.

If you would like to help your child improve or edit their article as s/he writes it, please do. The RUBRIC that we are using is HERE.

These articles should be finished by December 1st. Please check back again after that date. Thank you.

Can you write a statement to predict how many units/blocks there will be in the 100th case

TASK – Write a ‘statement’ on our class blog to explain how many units we will have for the ‘100th case’ of our block pattern from Day 5 of ‘youcubed‘. If you have time, please give another example for a different case.

So – answer the following in a comment box below:

To work out how many blocks/units there would be in the ‘100th case’ of the WIM Day 5 problem I:


please continue with as many points as you need to explain.