Making a 3D ‘house’ and drawing a 2D plan of the 6 sides

The challenge will be for a fellow 5W student to follow the plan and see if she or he can replicate the structure.

Stage 1 – Job done!

This year’s WINNER of the Marshmallow Challenge

The famous Marshmallow Challenge

Congratulations to Colin, Jack and Mai who worked particularly well as a group. They were the only group that spent some time planning on paper before they started building. They listened well to each other and tried each other’s ideas. Their structure stood 53 cm tall and was stable. Well done team.

Marshmallow Challenge 2015

Marshmallow Challenge 2015

Winners planning

Refining our compass directions and bearings for our assignment

We worked in randomly chosen pairs to help each other test, check and refine our directions from A to B using compass points, bearings in degrees and steps for distance. We shall invite our Grade 3 buddies to follow these directions next week.

So HOW can we remind ourselves of what we need to remember?

It’s important to be ORGANISED and to REMEMBER what you need to do!

We had a great chat with Ms. Kumamoto and Mr. Weekes today about the importance of REMEMBERING stuff. We are all different and we all work in different ways. BUT – we do have the responsibility to be responsible for ourselves.

So – what works for you. Please write in the comment box below HOW you will try to remember all the things you need to remember and do from now on.

“Your actions show more than your words.” – Jack’s dad (as told by Jack)

Talking about service learning and action with our Grade 9 and Grade 10 buddies

The students were asked to (in groups) to talk about what is service and what is learning? Then together the students were asked to write a definition of service learning.

Secondly, the mixed student groups were asked:

“what service groups have you been involved with at YIS? What service have you done in your learning?”
“what are some other ideas for service learning at our school?”