So HOW can we remind ourselves of what we need to remember?

It’s important to be ORGANISED and to REMEMBER what you need to do!

We had a great chat with Ms. Kumamoto and Mr. Weekes today about the importance of REMEMBERING stuff. We are all different and we all work in different ways. BUT – we do have the responsibility to be responsible for ourselves.

So – what works for you. Please write in the comment box below HOW you will try to remember all the things you need to remember and do from now on.

“Your actions show more than your words.” – Jack’s dad (as told by Jack)

17 thoughts on “So HOW can we remind ourselves of what we need to remember?

  1. I think I can remember what to do right for school but when I get older I think I will have a harder time trying to remember what to do so I think I will get use to using a reminder app or a notebook for a schedule so it is going to be easier in the future.

    Thank you

    Andrew Taiga

  2. How I remember to remind myself to do stuff like japanese test is I check on google classroom every day and sometimes I email myself for japanese and at home I have a list of A week and B week and those are all the things that I have to remind to do stuff.

  3. I remember stuff by writing things on my magnet or I send important stuff to my self For example
    1. Watch T.V and relax
    2. Eat my breakfast
    3. Do my homework.

  4. Last year I was organised because I have a good memory, but this year I am going to try to use a whiteboard that I can always check and it will always say what I have the next day or that day, and I hope this will turn into a habit.

  5. I remember that I used to email myself, and it kind of worked.
    I will try to check google classroom everyday and use the reminder app.

  6. I will use reminder which is a app for reminding you, so that if I check my email, I could see the reminder.
    I should also use a whiteboard to write what I need to do. When I wake up I could see the whiteboard so that I could work on it right away.

  7. I think what works for me to be organised is check the whiteboard on the fridge or my bedroom door so I don’t forget and If I finished my work I can erase and email myself so I can remember when I get home to.

  8. This year, I will try to make a schedule of what to do everyday after school. I some times forget things so I think this is a great idea. I will try to make this a habit. I think this is going to help in in the future when I am in middle school because it will make me more organized.

  9. This year I was trying to remember to do my home work but i all ways forget so I will writ a note and I will put it in my locker or in front of my locker. At home I will put it in my bed room. I think if I do this every day I will remember and i will be organised.

  10. This year, I have made a schedule of what to do after school. I sometimes forget and I don’t do something on the schedule. I will try and make a habit of doing something on the schedule first.

  11. I really like the GC because I liked the Reminders because it reminds me stuff.
    I think I should use the remember the milk because I sometime I forget the stuff I need to do or I can tell my mom to buy me a whiteboard.

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