Our writing to persuade / give our opinion for you to read and comment on

Dear 5W parents and students,

5w have spent this week learning how to write about an issue that requires the student’s own opinion plus an understanding of other possible points of view. We started the week building up a handwritten essay about if we could bring dinosaurs back to life, should we? Today we have brainstormed other ideas to write about. Some of the students chose ideas suggested by Mr. Weekes and other students have chosen their own ideas – after sharing and discussion in class. You can see these ideas HERE.

To see 5W students essays, written in 45 minutes including planning time (and after a long discussion), please see the Bitly link in their comment below.

Have a great weekend everyone
Mr. Weekes

Our visit to the Cup Noodle Museum

This is us at the Cup Noodle Museum on the 27th of January. The students now have a task of reporting on their trip with details of the number of their steps, the class median and mean too and how many calories they might have ‘burned’ in a day – assuming a rough average of 20 steps per calorie. Please look at the example template HERE

Creative story writing – please share your planning

5W students

Please put a bitly link to YOUR story in the comment box below (please log in first). Please add your title and a brief description of the story before you post it!

Dear parents,

5W students have spent 4 days this week working on writing a story from an image. Their planning will be shared with you on their comment below this. Your son or daughter will bring home his or her handwritten story this weekend to share with you.

Students worked from a planning template

We watched an episode of Shaun the Sheep and deconstructed the story. We read The Gruffalo and watched some clips of it on YouTube. We discussed how the author had made the characters and settings interesting. Then your child had 2 writing sessions to write his or her own story. This story may or may not be finished. Your comments to your child would I’m sure be most appreciated.

Probability questions for you

5W students. You have a pack (deck) of playing cards face down in front of you. 52 cards. No jokers. What is the probability of:

1. choosing a diamond from the pack?
2. choosing 2 diamonds (before you pick out the first card)?
3. choosing a picture card?

Please tell me (and the world) HOW you got your answer. Would your parent(s) be able to understand your thinking from your answer?

Please answer these questions in the comment section below.

School Closed Monday 18th January – Snow Day

Dear 5W students and parents,
You will have heard that school is closed today due to the snow, travel delays and slippery roads.
Here are some things that you might consider looking at doing:

1. Please look for 2~5 recyclable items to bring to school tomorrow as discussed in class and as emailed to your parents (for the next unit of inquiry – wearable art)
2. Mathletics and Khan Academy tasks are set.
3. Please enjoy a good book and update your reading record.
4. Other 5W home learning possibilities can be found HERE

Please stay safe and warm today. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Mr. Weekes

Please bring ‘gomi’ items (‘rubbish’ from home such as from the list below)

Grade 5 – Unit 4 – How we express ourselves – Central idea: Aesthetic expression can be influenced by a culture’s history and values.

Please read your email regarding this.

Could each student PLEASE BRING 2 to 5 ITEMS TO 5W classroom BY WED. JAN. 20 please (We will look after them here in class)

NOTE: please do NOT bring newspaper, plastic bags, small bits of string / cloth / plastic or paper, etc.

The artists and Mr. Reed would like students to know that she or he will NOT be using the items she or he brings in – all items will be collected and redistributed amongst all of the Grade 5 students, by the artists, to make the project more interesting.

Shoichi & Colleen Sakurai’s suggestions for gomi/rubbish:
umbrella, tire tube, broken toys, bicycle tire, soroban (abacus), kaiko ami (silk worm net), geta, uchiwa (Japanese fan), keyboard,
yutanpo (hot water bottle), old book, vinyl bag/purse, chicken wire, camera, game cards, bubble wrap, grater, inner components of computer or any electronic device, pot scrubbers, owan (Japanese urushi soup cup) wooden shamoji (rice spoon), vintage folding yardstick, hasunomi (dried lotus pod), calculator, internet router, old wooden thread bobbins, broken printer, game controller, t-shirts, hat, muffler, board game pieces, slinky, boots, jeans, kimono – any broken appliance in your home that you would like to get rid of in fact.


Please answer the following questions in the comment box below (log in first)

1. What is another word for probability?

2. What is the word we use for the result of an experiment?

3. How do we measure probability? Give an example. My example – 1:2 = a half = 0.5 = 50%

4.What is the difference between experimental and theoretical probability? Please explain in one simple sentence. JGI if you’re still not sure.

What have you read over the holidays? And why do you say that?

5W students thought about and wrote their answers this afternoon. Please see your child’s thoughts in the comment box below

What was the best book you read over the Christmas holidays?
What was good about it? Or, why in your opinion, was it great?
What did you enjoy about it most? Which part of the book do you think was best?
Which character was awesome and why?
If this book has other stories in a series, would you like to continue reading them?
How do you rate it overall out of 10?
What could have made the book even better in your opinion?
Who would you recommend this book to (and why?)
E.g. boys/girls or boys and girls, advanced readers/medium readers/all readers, people who like …….

5W students – please write your answers in the comment section below

Playing maths games made by 6th grade students – with the 6th grade students

5W welcomed the Grade 6 students to our class for 45 minutes to play games designed by the students. They had been tasked with making a game with a real world element that included understandings from their first major maths topics of their Middle School life. 5W helped to give some feedback to the 6th grade students. This time next year, current 5W students will be back to teach next year’s 5th grade their games!