11 categories of Art – what do I find beautiful

5W has been working with Mr. Reed and in class on appreciating beauty. Mr. Reed gave us 33 laminated cards which had 11 different categories of Art in them represented by 3 different cultures – for example an example of French, Moroccan and Japanese pottery. First of all we found the categories in groups. Then we discussed in our groups which of the examples we liked. Finally, as individuals we wrote down what we liked and why. Please see the students choices in the comment section below. You may wish to talk to your child about what they liked and why.

5W students – please make your document shareable with ‘anyone with the link’, Bitly it and post in the comment section below

Which of these Art works was most beautiful to me?

Which of these Art works was most beautiful to me?

Writing an essay to report on the history of Japan

Students in 5W read a wonderful illustrated book together in class, “An Illustrated History of Japan” – By Shigeo Nishimura, that describes Japan’s history with significant facts from the Ice Ages to modern day. We modeled how to take notes and each 5W student was allocated 3~5 pages. S/he was responsible for taking notes from those pages and sharing them. Then, mostly in groups, the students wrote up a section of Japan’s history and finally copied and pasted their group’s essay together. Please see the task template HERE

Below in the comments section you will be able to find your child’s final shared report. I am sure you will learn something about Japan that you did not know already. I did.

5W students – let’s add our reports (Bitly link please) to the comment box below on Monday 15th. Please share with your parents. Thank you.

Great ART session with Shoichi (and Colleen) Sakurai + Mr. Reed

A wonderful follow up visit with Shoichi Sakurai spending 45 minutes with us in 5W. Please ask your child about what s/he did and what will happen to follow this visit up in the next few weeks with Mr. Reed

What are your passions, interests, skills and talents?

How did your conversation with a student from another class go yesterday? Who did you talk to at home last night? What extra did you learn or did you remember from your conversations?

On Thursday afternoon 4th February you will have time to put ALL of your thoughts into your Exhibition book. Perhaps you could add 1 or 2 of each in the comment box below? I’ll start!

Aesthetic expression can be influenced by a culture’s history and values – How we express ourselves

We started the week having a conversation about the following questions. We stood on 5B’s shoulders by looking at some of their ideas and thoughts as we talked. We brainstormed lots of ideas on A3 paper and then all students wrote their own ideas in the comments section below.

What is beauty?
Is beauty the same for everyone?
What does aesthetically pleasing mean?
What do you find beautiful in nature?
What do you find beautiful in the world that is not related to nature?
When something is ‘pleasing’ to the eye’, what words can you use to describe it?
When something is NOT ‘beautiful’ to the eye, what are some words you can use to describe it?

5W students – please copy the sentence starters from Mr. Weekes comment below and complete with your OWN idea and thoughts.

Thank you