Relationship Brain Frame – Audience HOOK at Exhibition is related to our Service/Action

In class today we looked at how WHAT we could use at our Exhibition stand to ‘hook’ our audience could be related to WHAT we DO as a result of our Exhibition research.

This is what our ‘model’ for the issue of the need for ‘sun protection’ turned out like on our class whiteboard.

Hook > Action BF sketchbook

5W students made their own version in class which they did in their Exhibition sketchbook will look something like this:

Hook > Action BF whiteboard

Please DISCUSS with your child – what else might work? This is just the beginning! Hopefully!!

Lines of inquiry help us to focus

5W students have written a Central Idea for themselves and we have decided on one for our class which has been shared with you.

“Through understanding global issues and taking action in our local communities we can start to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Our ‘How We Organise Ourselves’ 2016 Exhibition will focus on the following ‘lines of inquiry’ taken from the key words that appeared in our class Central Idea:


Each 5W student will post their own ‘lines of inquiry’ below in the comment section for to take a look at.

Thank you

5W class

Categorising our questions for Exhibition

What kind of questions do we have already to research for our Exhibition issue?

5W students discussed 8 different kinds of question this morning in class.

Causation – why is it the way it is?
Change – How is it changing?
Connection – How is it connected to other things?
Form – What is it like?
Function – How does it work?
Perspective – What are the points of view?
Reflection – How do we know?
Responsibility – What is our responsibility?

Mr. Weekes discussed his questions about ‘skin cancer’ and the issue of how we could/should best protect out skin.

Please check the comments section below for the 5W students ever increasing questions about their issue and how she or he is ‘categorizing’ the questions so far. If there are areas that are light on questions so far – these will be areas to expand as we go through the Exhibition.

5W students Central Ideas for our Exhibition

Exhibition Simple Quick Guide 2016

The Exhibition unit of inquiry ‘central idea’, lines of inquiry and questions you ask will help you to stay focused during the Exhibition process and help you find out more about your issue. After class discussion, all 5W students wrote a few Central Ideas to explain what s/he thought the Exhibition would be all about please see our planning HERE.) Having had a chance to discuss this further with parents or an older sibling / family member, all 5W students chose their own favourite Central Idea which she or he has posted in the comment section below.

After a 5W vote and some ‘smushing’ of the top 3, we ended up as a class with a 5W Central Idea of:

“Through understanding global issues and taking action in our local communities we can start to make a difference in people’s lives.”

5W students, please add YOUR best (in your opinion) Central Idea in a comment box below. Thank you.

The importance of building up questions for our Exhibition

Having decided upon the BIG IMPORTANT idea that your child wants to focus on for his or her Exhibition, the next stage for us is to start building up QUESTIONS that your child wants to try and answer. We modelled in class what questions could look like for an example Exhibition of ‘skin cancer’ with Mr. Weekes HERE

We have discussed these questions and categorised them in to ‘open/thick’ questions and ‘closed/thin’ questions. This is NOT the end of thinking of questions! In fact it’s just the beginning! More questions (and often better questions) will flow as you start to inquire into your issue/idea.

NOW – it’s 5W students’ turn. 5W students have started writing their own questions in their Exhibition journal books.

PARENTS – please HELP your child by discussing their questions and suggesting any that might come to mind.

5W students – please add all your current questions to your own GDoc > Bitly link and SHARE below in the comments section. You will find your own question document in Google Classroom assignments. Make sure you share your document with ‘anyone on the web’ before you Bitly link it!

Thank you

Destiny Quest

Students in 5W have a ‘Destiny Quest’ account. This is a place where students can search for books we have in our YIS library, a place to receive recommendations and to recommend books to others and a place to post reviews on books read. 5W students wrote 2 book reviews in February following lessons with Ms. Kar, our Elementary librarian and modelling in class with Mr. Weekes using THIS template.

In class, we ‘piggy backed’ Jack’s initial book review of The Gruffalo (read to the class) as an example. Ms. Kar then talked to us about how much of this might be effective for readers reading our reviews.

Please ask your child to share Destiny Quest with you – especially the book shelf with books s/he wants to read.

Below in the comment section is a ‘bitly’ link to the students’ second book review. Please check it out and discuss with your child.