Destiny Quest

Students in 5W have a ‘Destiny Quest’ account. This is a place where students can search for books we have in our YIS library, a place to receive recommendations and to recommend books to others and a place to post reviews on books read. 5W students wrote 2 book reviews in February following lessons with Ms. Kar, our Elementary librarian and modelling in class with Mr. Weekes using THIS template.

In class, we ‘piggy backed’ Jack’s initial book review of The Gruffalo (read to the class) as an example. Ms. Kar then talked to us about how much of this might be effective for readers reading our reviews.

Please ask your child to share Destiny Quest with you – especially the book shelf with books s/he wants to read.

Below in the comment section is a ‘bitly’ link to the students’ second book review. Please check it out and discuss with your child.

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