Grade 4 / 5 Music Sharing – Auditorium – Wednesday 1st June (doors open 13:45)

A message from Mr. Patterson – our 5W music teacher

Dear Grade 5 Parents,

The Grade 4/5 Music sharing will take place in the auditorium this Wednesday, June 1st, 14:00. Doors will open at 13:45.

Each of the Grade 5 classes has been working on a two part ensemble piece for koto over the past 2 months. The students have focused on a number of more advanced playing techniques and ensemble collaboration. They are excited to share this new learning.

Additionally, a number of the Grade 5 students will accompany the Grade 4 group for a vocal number.

On Wednesday, we request that students wear their red field trip shirt and dark pants or skirt of their choice.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Mr. Patterson – 5W music teacher

Beliefs + Values + Attitudes – Unit 6. Who we are.

Our last unit of inquiry in Grade 5 is centred around “Who We Are.” Our central idea is “A person’s identity is shaped by a range of factors.”

We have started by trying to identify what the difference is between a ‘belief’, ‘value’ and ‘attitude’. We are then going to write to our parents and ask you if you wouldn’t mind talking about the beliefs/values/attitudes you grew up with and the ones that you might most want your child to develop.

Please look at the comment box below to see what your child currently understands is the difference between a belief, value and attitude. And look out for an email from your son or daughter too! I hope it leads to another great family conversation.

Mr. Weekes

Sports Day 2016

At the end of a very busy Exhibition week last week, it was wonderful to have our ES Sports Day on Friday in beautiful weather up at YC + AC. I think all of the students had a great time, enjoyed themselves and put in their best efforts. Well done everyone. Thank you too to all the parents that could attend. We hope you had a great time too!