Beliefs + Values + Attitudes – Unit 6. Who we are.

Our last unit of inquiry in Grade 5 is centred around “Who We Are.” Our central idea is “A person’s identity is shaped by a range of factors.”

We have started by trying to identify what the difference is between a ‘belief’, ‘value’ and ‘attitude’. We are then going to write to our parents and ask you if you wouldn’t mind talking about the beliefs/values/attitudes you grew up with and the ones that you might most want your child to develop.

Please look at the comment box below to see what your child currently understands is the difference between a belief, value and attitude. And look out for an email from your son or daughter too! I hope it leads to another great family conversation.

Mr. Weekes

17 thoughts on “Beliefs + Values + Attitudes – Unit 6. Who we are.

  1. This is what I think about Beliefs, Values and Attitudes:

    I think a Belief is something you believe in or something you want to believe in even it might not be true. For example, one of my belief is that you should listen to others, but make your own decision and choices.

    I think a Value is what you love and what is really important to you. For example, I Value my Best Friends and Family. I also Value Peace and Happiness.

    I think an Attitude is what you feel about something and the points of views of something. I also think that it’s your behaviour and action. For example, “I hate you” is a bad Attitude.

    😀 😉 🙂 Mai 🙂 😉 😀

  2. I think (at the moment) that:

    A BELIEF is Something you have faith in and something you trust and think is real (although it may not be real). An example would be: I believe that we are all unique and different.

    A VALUE is something you love and is something important to you. Something that means something to you. An example would be: I value friendship.

    An ATTITUDE is your behaviour and your action. Something you feel. how you react to things.

    🙂 Lisa 🙂

  3. I think (at the moment that) that:

    A BELIEF is something that you Worship or think that it is important like I believe in God, family time and fun time.

    A VALUE is what you do with your friends and how you react around them like loyalty and honesty are important values that you and your friends should have.

    A ATTITUDE is your emotion how feel when people annoy you or if your on stage and your scared because you have stagefright but attitude is also what shapes

  4. This is what I think about Beliefs, Values and Attitudes.
    A BELIEF is a thing that you believe in and you agree with. For example I believe in believing in something.
    A VALUE is a important thing to you that you follow and respect, for example there is the school values ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
    An ATTITUDE to me is a way you react to certain things, and how you you feel and your behavior. For example an attitude is ” I hate school!” or it could be ” I love school!”

    🙂 🙂 Ellenah 🙂 🙂

  5. This is what I think about:

    Beliefs: I think beliefs is something that people likes. For example, I believe good
    food, I believe fun, I believe friends, I believe pets and etc.

    Values: Value is something important in your life. For example, I value friendship,
    I value fun, I value laughter and etc.

    Attitudes: Attitude is a feeling or way of thinking that affects a person’s behaviour.
    For example, I help out my family by doing helpful things.
    ? 🙂 🙂 ¡¡Thank You!! 🙂 🙂 ?

  6. I think a belief means when you believe something that is not prove. For example I believe in food.

    I think Value means something important in your life. For example my parents feeds me and making me have a great life.

    I think attitudes is when you are respecting your belief. For example I hug my parents all the time and at least try to help them.

  7. I think:

    A BELIEF is while you can not see it or touch it, it means something to you like how I belief in God.

    A VALUE is that you enjoy in life like Disney for me because I like how it brings a family together.

    An ATTITUDE is your felling about something like I have a happy feeling about family time.

    Thanks For Reading,

  8. A BELIEF is something that means something to you and it may be real but you don’t have enough evidence for it. e.g I belief in Family
    A Value is something that is important or useful to you. I Value friendship and animals
    An ATTITUDE is you the way you act and it is also the way you behave. e.g never brag and never give up

    🙂 ALvin 🙂

  9. I think at the moment that:

    A BELIEF is something that most of the time cannot prove, but you think its true. For example, I believe that Aliens exists outside Earth.

    A VALUES are things that are Important in your life. For example, I value Education and learning.

    Attitudes to me is a way you act your Values and Beliefs. For example, If I Value education and learning and I don’t read or learn anything, my Attitude is not good.

    Thank you @(^_^)@

    Andrew Taiga

  10. This what I think about Belief, Value and Attitude.

    A BELIEF is something that really means to you and something that you believe in. For example, I believe eating dinner with my whole family, and that is a belief.

    A VALUE are rules and important words. For example ,respect.

    An ATTITUDE is a expression angry and being sassy, and it means that I am being really serious. For example if you are angry and you try to ignore an elder and being sassy.

  11. A BELIEF is something you like and something that you believe in.
    For example I believe in being happy.

    VALUES are important words and rules.
    For example respect and caring.

    An ATTITUDE is a expression that person have.
    For example when your happy or mad.

  12. This is what belief, value, and attitude mean to me.

    A BELIEF is something you truly think is real but may not have evidence for.

    Example of belief: I believe in the love of family because when I have difficult times my family comforts me.

    A VALUE is what you think is important to you.

    Example of value: I value pets because they can be adorable and make your day.

    An ATTITUDE is the way you act.

    Example of attitude: You help homeless because of your good attitude.

  13. I think (at the moment) that:

    A BELIEF is a felling that you have inside you. The thing that you belief may be true, even though I might not have the prove to prove it. For example I believe by helping people we could accomplishes anything.

    A VALUE is a important thing to you that you respect and follow. For example I value my family’s decision that they make for me.

    An ATTITUDES to me is a way where people’s live their beliefs and values, especially through their words they say. For example I will be polite, kind and helpful to every person I meet.

  14. right now I think.

    A Belief is: something or someone you trust in
    EX:I believe in anything can shape a person no matter how big or small.

    A Value is: What you love most in life what you hold in your mind and heart

    EX: I value my family

    An Attitude is:how you see life and how you take in things

    EX:I love school and my family

  15. A BELIEF is an idea from different person. You could make an believe that know one ever had and it is also other peoples POV which means point of view. For example animals are our best friends too.

    A VALUE is an useful idea or a really important idea. For example, “Education is very important for us” That is a very important idea.

    An ATTITUDES is a emotion that could be mean or nice, it could also mean our respect. For example “you are a looser ” is a bad attitudes

  16. A belief is what we think is true or exist

    e.g I believe in working hard pays of.

    A value is what you think is important to you.

    Values are rules that we believe are important in our lives.

    e.g I value honesty , because it helps us avoid misunderstanding.

    An attitude is the way we show our beliefs , values through actions.
    An attitude is the way we see or view our surroundings

    e.g (respect to other human beings, animals and elder people e.t.c)

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