Grade 4 / 5 Music Sharing – Auditorium – Wednesday 1st June (doors open 13:45)

A message from Mr. Patterson – our 5W music teacher

Dear Grade 5 Parents,

The Grade 4/5 Music sharing will take place in the auditorium this Wednesday, June 1st, 14:00. Doors will open at 13:45.

Each of the Grade 5 classes has been working on a two part ensemble piece for koto over the past 2 months. The students have focused on a number of more advanced playing techniques and ensemble collaboration. They are excited to share this new learning.

Additionally, a number of the Grade 5 students will accompany the Grade 4 group for a vocal number.

On Wednesday, we request that students wear their red field trip shirt and dark pants or skirt of their choice.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Mr. Patterson – 5W music teacher

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