Classifying beauty

5W students together brainstormed what they found to be beautiful in a ‘telling frame’ last week. This week we categorised everything that we found beautiful using Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping technique.

Please ask your child to show you his or hers. They will all be available to see on Friday April 7th at our Student Led Conferences (information to come.)

2 excellent examples are posted here. Well done Luca and Oliver.

Home Learning examples from 5W

As we move into the last third of our Grade 5 year – I have been wondering what 5W students are doing for their own ‘home learning’ and we discussed this a little in class on Monday. Our Home Learning in 5W was and has been guided by our agreed upon document since August 2016 HERE

For example, Dylon was proudly showing us today the following image of what he made on Minecraft. This interest may very well serve Dylon well as he gets interested in IT and coding in the future.

What else have 5W students been doing at home this year? I know many students are very busy. In the comment boxes below, perhaps you can find out.

What was beautiful for you last week at or near Shoichi and Colleen’s house?

Please choose the ONE photo of yours that YOU really find beautiful. And ONE of Ms Pender’s photos. You can find Ms Pender’s photos HERE.


1. Edit your photos as you wish
2. Put your 2 photos on your Google Doc – see assignment on GC
3. Write a description and explanation about WHY you have chosen these 2 photos. Write under each photo.
4. Make sure your Google Doc with the photos is SHARED so that ‘anyone with the link can view’
5. ‘Bitly‘ your Google Doc link.
6. Add your Bitly link with a brief description of what it is to the class blog – in the comment box below (see Mr. Weekes comment for an example)
7. Add your Google Doc to Seesaw – again, write one sentence saying what it is you have done and why.

Parents – please see your child’s photos and explanation/description in the comment boxes below.

Thank you everyone.

Elementary School Art Exhibition

Many of our Elementary School students will have their artwork exhibited in the annual Yamate Art Show from February 11-19 at The British House here on the bluff. This venue is the large gated house across the street from the main entrance to YIS (formerly the British Ambassador’s residence).

This art show is part of the Yokohama Yamate Art Festival (which showcases the artwork of students from several schools in houses in the Yamate area). The exhibition hours are 9:30-17:00 daily.

Please come visit the YIS art gallery and see the energy, efforts, and two- & three-dimensional creativity of our Kindergarten through Grade 5 artists!