Exhibition as of Friday March 31st

Having decided on our issue, the group we will be working in/with and some main inquiries into our issue, we have moved on to starting to develop initial questions that we would like to find answers to.

Conversations at home will no doubt be of great help to your child in developing his/her understanding of their Exhibition issue. For example:

Paper Towel use at YIS. Inspired by Joe Smith.
Issue – a waste of paper and money.
Group: Environment
Main idea: Is the use of paper towels the most environmentally friendly way of drying our hands?

Inquiries into:

the cost of using paper towels
the alternative ways we could dry our hands
the best ways to teach and encourage other members of our community to help us save money, energy and TREES!

Please help any of us by adding links or possible resources to our CLASS DOCUMENT HERE

Deciding on our Exhibition ‘issue’ in 5W

Tuning into our Exhibition

We explored a big global issue and discussed why it matters to us here locally in Japan, in YIS, in our communities. Here is a great example, Joe Smith’s on paper towel use.

We have used a five-stage process to help us make our big and important decision.

We used a lotus diagram to explore big global issues and smaller issues that could be tackled.
We then went on to explore big ideas of interest and how we might reduce the possibilities to just a few relevant and meaningful ideas. Here is an example by Mari

Next, we looked at our top three ideas. Through the use of a Google Doc, others collaborated with us to share their thinking and add ideas to our own. We asked our friends in class and our parents for their point of view.

With our two top choices, we used the sphere of influence thinking strategy to check that we could look through local to global lenses on our issue of choice.

And finally, we selected just ONE IDEA from our 2 pitches. Mr Weekes helped us make our final choice from these 2. Below you can see what we have all chosen.


Developing essential agreements to use with Seesaw – our new portfolio tool

Mr Broughton helped us last week to understand how important it is to reflect on our thinking with Seesaw – which we do all the time in 5W. Metacognition – this time applied to what and how we post our learnings on Seesaw. This is what we came up with:

Here is Mr Broughton working with us – thank you Mr Broughton!

Pre-exhibition – starting our Exhibition process

Last week we culminated our fourth unit How We Express Ourselves and this week, as we’re sure the students have informed you, we launched into many Grade 5 meetings and discussions to lead us into our fifth unit How We Organise Ourselves. OUR EXHIBITION UNIT.

On Monday we kicked off with an introduction to exhibition with photos from the previous year – ‘starting with the end in mind’

On Tuesday we looked at the Transdisciplinary Theme: How We Organise Ourselves and what this entails. We also had a visit from the grade 6 students who worked through the exhibition process last year. Our question session with grade 6 students focussed on:

HOW you chose what you wanted to inquire into?
WHY you chose it?
WHAT you did as part of your Exhibition – where you went, what resources you used, who you spoke to etc.
Some further conversation had us reflecting on when we viewed the Grade 10 ‘Personal Project’ Exhibition. Our conversation focussed on

What impressed us? What topics or projects most interested us?
WHY? What did the student DO to help us to understand their issue?
What resources did the student use? Think about people they talked to, places they went, online resources, library resources and others
What did we think could have been done better?
As the students were so engrossed listening to the grade 6 students we followed up on this on Wednesday. We talked about what ‘stuck with us’, what we could use to help us in our own inquiries in the coming weeks.

On Thursday we looked at the ‘Sphere of Influence’. A Circle of Influence encompasses those concerns that we can do something about. They are concerns that we have some control over. As opposed to A Circle of Concern, the wide range of concerns we have, such as our health, our children, problems at work, the amount of government borrowing, or the threat of war.

And finally Friday. Today we started thinking about the possibilities. Students had the opportunity to collect great ideas by looking at ideas generated through class Padlets 2016.

In relation to making decisions regarding making a decision, we are encouraging the students to ‘keep it in mind, and keep open minded to all possibilities!’ We have all next week to explore before making a final decision.

Phew… what a productive week!

What did you think of our wonderful narrative stories? 5W students respond …

Julia suggested that we print the narrative stories that we wrote from a picture prompt a few weeks ago so that everyone in the classroom could have a chance to read them.

Then we asked each student to choose a favourite one and comment on it. Please see the comments below. 5W students were asked to politely comment on:

What was the story about?
What did you like about the story?
What would you have added or changed if you were the editor?

Thank you. 5W students, please write your comments in the comment boxes below