Deciding on our Exhibition ‘issue’ in 5W

Tuning into our Exhibition

We explored a big global issue and discussed why it matters to us here locally in Japan, in YIS, in our communities. Here is a great example, Joe Smith’s on paper towel use.

We have used a five-stage process to help us make our big and important decision.

We used a lotus diagram to explore big global issues and smaller issues that could be tackled.
We then went on to explore big ideas of interest and how we might reduce the possibilities to just a few relevant and meaningful ideas. Here is an example by Mari

Next, we looked at our top three ideas. Through the use of a Google Doc, others collaborated with us to share their thinking and add ideas to our own. We asked our friends in class and our parents for their point of view.

With our two top choices, we used the sphere of influence thinking strategy to check that we could look through local to global lenses on our issue of choice.

And finally, we selected just ONE IDEA from our 2 pitches. Mr Weekes helped us make our final choice from these 2. Below you can see what we have all chosen.


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