Exhibition as of Friday March 31st

Having decided on our issue, the group we will be working in/with and some main inquiries into our issue, we have moved on to starting to develop initial questions that we would like to find answers to.

Conversations at home will no doubt be of great help to your child in developing his/her understanding of their Exhibition issue. For example:

Paper Towel use at YIS. Inspired by Joe Smith.
Issue – a waste of paper and money.
Group: Environment
Main idea: Is the use of paper towels the most environmentally friendly way of drying our hands?

Inquiries into:

the cost of using paper towels
the alternative ways we could dry our hands
the best ways to teach and encourage other members of our community to help us save money, energy and TREES!

Please help any of us by adding links or possible resources to our CLASS DOCUMENT HERE

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