Kiva loans made by 5W

5W students have been working since September to raise/earn enough money outside of school to be able to finance one USD$25.00 loan through

All students have joined in our efforts in some way and I am proud to say that we have together made loans to people or groups on Kiva worth over USD$500 – or approximately JPY 60,000. You can check on who we have made loans to by clicking on the links in THIS document

Our loans will hopefully be repaid over the next 8 months. If the loan is repaid, it will then be up to your child whether s/he withdraws the money or re-lends it. That will be his/her choice as it is of course his/her money.

Thank you parents for supporting your child. I think it’s a great lesson in teaching how we can, in a small way, help others to help themselves.


Kiva – an invitation for your child to join

Today Grade 5 came together to talk about the organisation Kiva. Later in the year in our Grade 5 Exhibition, Grade 5 students will do their own research into a local organisation that is helping the world in some way to find out how they organise themselves, how they work and how the student can help in any way. Working with Kiva (a global organisation), the Grade 5 students will find out how one organisation works. Each student can make a real difference with a ‘loan’ of US$25 (about 3,300) yen. There is a 97% chance that each student will get her/his money back by next summer. Amazing isn’t it. The following video will show you how Kiva works.

If your child chooses to join with us in making a loan, perhaps your family can discuss how best your child can earn or raise the money so that the money really belongs to your child. This will create a genuine connection for your child to whoever s/he lends the money to.

Thank you.