What was beautiful for you last week at or near Shoichi and Colleen’s house?

Please choose the ONE photo of yours that YOU really find beautiful. And ONE of Ms Pender’s photos. You can find Ms Pender’s photos HERE.


1. Edit your photos as you wish
2. Put your 2 photos on your Google Doc – see assignment on GC
3. Write a description and explanation about WHY you have chosen these 2 photos. Write under each photo.
4. Make sure your Google Doc with the photos is SHARED so that ‘anyone with the link can view’
5. ‘Bitly‘ your Google Doc link.
6. Add your Bitly link with a brief description of what it is to the class blog – in the comment box below (see Mr. Weekes comment for an example)
7. Add your Google Doc to Seesaw – again, write one sentence saying what it is you have done and why.

Parents – please see your child’s photos and explanation/description in the comment boxes below.

Thank you everyone.

A great day out with Grade 5 students – cooperative games in Yamashita Park

A great day out on the 9th September in Yamashita Park. The weather was hot but beautiful and at least it didn’t rain! We found a nice grassy area of Yamashita Park. Mr. Claydon had some wonderful ideas for games and it was all great fun. We learned how to work with each other to achieve our goals.

The end of Elementary School. The beginning of a new adventure.

Thank you for sharing the learning journey with us in Grade 5 this year. This is the last blog post from 5W. You will soon be unsubscribed. I wish you a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you all around YIS (or elsewhere) in the new school year. To Alicia, Toshimi, Khadija and Leylia – our best wishes go with you. We wish you all great happiness and success in your new schools. Joshua you were always remembered. It was a great year in 5W. I hope you keep fond memories of your time in 5W in your heart. Have a wonderful summer. Stay safe, have fun and look after yourselves.

Best wishes to you all,

Julian Weekes

Our visit to the Cup Noodle Museum

This is us at the Cup Noodle Museum on the 27th of January. The students now have a task of reporting on their trip with details of the number of their steps, the class median and mean too and how many calories they might have ‘burned’ in a day – assuming a rough average of 20 steps per calorie. Please look at the example template HERE

This I Believe – Podcast essay can be read here

Dear all,

This week 5W students have been planning and writing and editing a 350 ~ 500 word essay on a subject in which she or he believes deeply. This is inspired by the website This I Believe.

If you open the ‘comments’ box above, you will be able to find your child’s podcast essay and read it. Please talk to your child about the planning process that led to his or her essay.

The audio podcast will be recorded in the next few days and uploaded to our class blog by the end of April. Please check back here to listen to your child’s podcast later. Thank you.

Linda Ragsdale special guest visitor – Solution based peace!

Linda Ragsdale was shot in the siege of Mumbai and survived. Today she spent 90 minutes with Grade 5 talking about ‘solution based peace.’

What did you learn from her that you will try to use in the future? As she said, how do you wish you will be able to act in the future? Please comment below:

Typhoon Day – Monday 6th October

Dear 5W students,

If this finds you at home and wondering what to do on this ‘typhoon day’ – please consider the following:

Number One – please stay SAFE and out of the wind.

Things you can do:

You have 2 assignment DUE today: (If you know or can work out how to ‘turn in’ your assignments – please do. If not, we can do it tomorrow in class – of course you need to be finished and ready to do so!

1. Your personal family agreement – this would be a GREAT day to make sure you have done this
2. Finished collecting and entering your after school activity data.

please check on your 5W Google Classroom site

3. Remember you have a DIY task to present in school this Friday. You need to get it ready AND fill in the document you have in your Google Classroom.

4. Any outstanding maths from last week on Mathletics or Khan Academy.


Have a safe and relaxing day everyone.

Mr. Weekes

Lots of ideas for books to read this summer for your child

Thank you to Mrs. Blum for sharing this list with us.

Summer Reading List

You can also go to our YIS Elementary Library guide for ideas.

Please try to keep your child reading – in English and in your home’s mother tongue(s) if you have one. Mrs. Kar (our Head Librarian) is offering a free Sakura Medal book to any child who completes 6 good fiction books this summer and has their form signed off by their parents.

Your child can also borrow up to 12 books (or items) from the YIS library IF s/he has made sure that there are no outstanding books on the child’s account. So please make sure all borrowed books are first returned or renewed at the library for the summer holiday.

Thank you everyone

Julian Weekes