What was beautiful for you last week at or near Shoichi and Colleen’s house?

Please choose the ONE photo of yours that YOU really find beautiful. And ONE of Ms Pender’s photos. You can find Ms Pender’s photos HERE.


1. Edit your photos as you wish
2. Put your 2 photos on your Google Doc – see assignment on GC
3. Write a description and explanation about WHY you have chosen these 2 photos. Write under each photo.
4. Make sure your Google Doc with the photos is SHARED so that ‘anyone with the link can view’
5. ‘Bitly‘ your Google Doc link.
6. Add your Bitly link with a brief description of what it is to the class blog – in the comment box below (see Mr. Weekes comment for an example)
7. Add your Google Doc to Seesaw – again, write one sentence saying what it is you have done and why.

Parents – please see your child’s photos and explanation/description in the comment boxes below.

Thank you everyone.

A great day out with Grade 5 students – cooperative games in Yamashita Park

A great day out on the 9th September in Yamashita Park. The weather was hot but beautiful and at least it didn’t rain! We found a nice grassy area of Yamashita Park. Mr. Claydon had some wonderful ideas for games and it was all great fun. We learned how to work with each other to achieve our goals.

Our visit to the Cup Noodle Museum

This is us at the Cup Noodle Museum on the 27th of January. The students now have a task of reporting on their trip with details of the number of their steps, the class median and mean too and how many calories they might have ‘burned’ in a day – assuming a rough average of 20 steps per calorie. Please look at the example template HERE

A visit to a Seniors’ Home

To find out what discoveries and inventions have been most important to these Seniors in their life times.

Field Trip for Monday December 3rd

Dear 5W Parents,

This is some information for next week’s field trip to Yokohama Tsukushino Course Athletic Field as part of our 3rd unit of inquiry into ‘How the world works’.

Our YIS office has told the teachers that we NEED to have SIGNED written permission from each parent for their children to go on school field trips off campus.

A permission slip has gone home with your child today. Please read, sign and return the slip to me by this Friday 30th November.

Without a signed permission slip returned, children will not be allowed to go on the trip and would have to stay on YIS’ campus with a 4th grade class.

Very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Julian Weekes

Field Trip – Tuesday 4th September

Thank you for your patience as we have set up this new way of filling in field trip permission forms. We believe the following link is now working for everyone.


Hopefully one of the parents would like to accompany us on Tuesday – it will probably be almost a full day’s field trip.
Look forward to hearing from you and seeing some of you soon.
Julian Weekes