Home Learning examples from 5W

As we move into the last third of our Grade 5 year – I have been wondering what 5W students are doing for their own ‘home learning’ and we discussed this a little in class on Monday. Our Home Learning in 5W was and has been guided by our agreed upon document since August 2016 HERE

For example, Dylon was proudly showing us today the following image of what he made on Minecraft. This interest may very well serve Dylon well as he gets interested in IT and coding in the future.

What else have 5W students been doing at home this year? I know many students are very busy. In the comment boxes below, perhaps you can find out.

Presenting our Home Learning in class today

Today the 5W students presented their Home Learning for November to a group of 3 or 4 students. We helped and encouraged each other and learned a lot. The students were very enthusiastic (and noisy!) It was good fun.

What did you learn that surprised you?

What will you do BETTER or DIFFERENTLY when you present next time?

Please comment below. Thank you

Would you like to check what Grade 5 maths looks like on one link?

Khan Academy – Grade 5 (Content was selected for this grade level based on a typical curriculum in the United States). If you want harder or easier stuff, search for the curriculum one grade level higher or lower.


This is a GREAT tool for Home Learning. Watch a video or 2, try some of the questions. Get stuck – click ‘get a hint’ or watch the video again, or watch the second video – there’s normally at least 2 videos.

What’s happening in 5W and Home Learning this week

Dear 5W students and parents

There’s a lot happening right now in school. A lot to do here, and a lot that can be followed up on at home. Science video IS our DIY for the week, plus we have Literacy Circle reading, Kiva writing and choosing and some division problems that some may need to finish at home.

Please see our current (regularly changing) 5W class ‘to do’ Google Doc HERE for a quick view of what’s happening / what there is to do – with links to various helpful sites etc.

I hope you got to see Lukus’ video as a great first step example of what you can do from home and school.

Thank you everyone.

5W Home Learning to November 15th/18th

Dear 5W – Your ‘Home Learning’ tasks for this week

Please remember that you can always catch up with Mathletics, or try a Khan Academy task, or improve your typing at Typing Club.com or many other things if you would like to.

1. Literacy Circle roles. Read second quarter of your assigned book. Make a good effort to do what has been asked of you as a summarizer or wordsmith or discussion director or illustrator to help your group discussion about your Literacy Circle book.

2. We’ve seen LOTS of Steve Spangler’s ‘Sick Science’ videos and we wrote a science report for one of those experiments last week. Now it’s time to MAKE your own Sick Science video.

Let’s follow Steve Spangler’s format.
You will need to make a video no longer than 2 minutes (no shorter than 40 seconds)
The video will need to show: (just like in Steve’s videos)
1. Here is what you need (materials)
2. Experiment > 1, 2, 3, 4 etc (what you did)
3. Leave a question at the end of the video and/or give an example of HOW you could change the experiment by changing ONE variable.
If you can take the video footage at home, we can edit at YIS.
Or you can try to edit and finish at home. Let’s set up the experiment and film it by 13th November latest and edit it to be ready by Monday 18th November latest.
Good luck
Mr. Weekes

These are our new Literacy Circle books – for November 2013

Please note: Groups may be changed in December or at the beginning of 2014

November 2013 Literacy Circle Books

  • all students have changed ‘roles’ – but will keep their new role throughout this book
  • this is Home Learning – students need to read one quarter of the book each week, to the group agreed upon page – and be ready to discuss/show their work to their group and myself on Mondays. 
  • Summarizer / Wordsmith / Illustrator and Discussion Director feedback templates are available on Google Docs. Please make a COPY each time you need a new document and put your own name on it.
  • 4 weeks to read these books and 4 feedback discussions. Deadline Monday November 25th.
This forms an important part of Home Learning along with DIY projects in Grade 5

DIY – Home Learning Central

DIY. Get skills. Be awesome

Parent Guide to DIY – please watch the 1 min 442 second video

Dear Parents

As we get ready to launch our Home Learning challenges with your child, we would like to introduce you to our main tool – DIY. This was a huge success with our students last year. It provides opportunities for creativity and choice and was extremely motivating for all.

We will need you to give permission for your child to use DIY at home. When we set up the children’s accounts, you will get an email request. You can monitor your child’s account to see what she or he is doing and has done.

I’m sure having seen the video, you will see the potential of DIY for your child.

Thank you very much

Julian Weekes