Some great parenting books

Favorite Parenting Books
Last Child in the Woods, by Richard Louv

A great book written all about how today’s kids are suffering from nature-deficit disorder. In today’s tech-savvy world, kids are missing something, and it’s important for the world that we renew their interest in nature.

How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk, by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

A book I read over and over again. We can learn a lot about talking so our kids will listen and really listening, even when they appear to be saying things that upset us.

It’s So Amazing, Robie H. Harris

A book about puberty. Made for ages 7-up, this book has great illustrations and explanations that explain puberty and all that goes with it with sensible, open-minded explanations. Highly recommend!

It’s Perfectly Normal, by Robit H. Harris

A follow-up book to It’s So Amazing, made for ages 9-12. Great series and really opens up a sometimes sensitive topic with humor and candor.

7 Keys to Comprehension, by Susan Zimmerman

How to help students progress in their reading comprehension? This handy book helps parents ask the right questions to students. Students learn these important reading strategies in school, but it’s good for parents to be aware also.

Destiny Quest

Students in 5W have a ‘Destiny Quest’ account. This is a place where students can search for books we have in our YIS library, a place to receive recommendations and to recommend books to others and a place to post reviews on books read. 5W students wrote 2 book reviews in February following lessons with Ms. Kar, our Elementary librarian and modelling in class with Mr. Weekes using THIS template.

In class, we ‘piggy backed’ Jack’s initial book review of The Gruffalo (read to the class) as an example. Ms. Kar then talked to us about how much of this might be effective for readers reading our reviews.

Please ask your child to share Destiny Quest with you – especially the book shelf with books s/he wants to read.

Below in the comment section is a ‘bitly’ link to the students’ second book review. Please check it out and discuss with your child.

What have you read over the holidays? And why do you say that?

5W students thought about and wrote their answers this afternoon. Please see your child’s thoughts in the comment box below

What was the best book you read over the Christmas holidays?
What was good about it? Or, why in your opinion, was it great?
What did you enjoy about it most? Which part of the book do you think was best?
Which character was awesome and why?
If this book has other stories in a series, would you like to continue reading them?
How do you rate it overall out of 10?
What could have made the book even better in your opinion?
Who would you recommend this book to (and why?)
E.g. boys/girls or boys and girls, advanced readers/medium readers/all readers, people who like …….

5W students – please write your answers in the comment section below

Lots of ideas for books to read this summer for your child

Thank you to Mrs. Blum for sharing this list with us.

Summer Reading List

You can also go to our YIS Elementary Library guide for ideas.

Please try to keep your child reading – in English and in your home’s mother tongue(s) if you have one. Mrs. Kar (our Head Librarian) is offering a free Sakura Medal book to any child who completes 6 good fiction books this summer and has their form signed off by their parents.

Your child can also borrow up to 12 books (or items) from the YIS library IF s/he has made sure that there are no outstanding books on the child’s account. So please make sure all borrowed books are first returned or renewed at the library for the summer holiday.

Thank you everyone

Julian Weekes

These are our new Literacy Circle books – for November 2013

Please note: Groups may be changed in December or at the beginning of 2014

November 2013 Literacy Circle Books

  • all students have changed ‘roles’ – but will keep their new role throughout this book
  • this is Home Learning – students need to read one quarter of the book each week, to the group agreed upon page – and be ready to discuss/show their work to their group and myself on Mondays. 
  • Summarizer / Wordsmith / Illustrator and Discussion Director feedback templates are available on Google Docs. Please make a COPY each time you need a new document and put your own name on it.
  • 4 weeks to read these books and 4 feedback discussions. Deadline Monday November 25th.
This forms an important part of Home Learning along with DIY projects in Grade 5