Looking forward to seeing parents at the Back to School Night

Wednesday 7th September
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Start at 19:30
Finish at 20:00

If you have any questions at all – either before the BTSN or after, please leave your question in the comment box below and I shall reply so that everyone can see the answer to your question.

Many thanks
Julian Weekes

5W Home Learning 2016~17

The end of Elementary School. The beginning of a new adventure.

Thank you for sharing the learning journey with us in Grade 5 this year. This is the last blog post from 5W. You will soon be unsubscribed. I wish you a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you all around YIS (or elsewhere) in the new school year. To Alicia, Toshimi, Khadija and Leylia – our best wishes go with you. We wish you all great happiness and success in your new schools. Joshua you were always remembered. It was a great year in 5W. I hope you keep fond memories of your time in 5W in your heart. Have a wonderful summer. Stay safe, have fun and look after yourselves.

Best wishes to you all,

Julian Weekes

5W students end of year celebration speech

5W students have been asked to write a short speech that represents his or her feelings at the end of Grade 5. All students were invited to take part in a class ‘speech contest’ to choose one 5W student who will read their speech at the Graduation / Celebration ceremony on the 15th of June.

We worked from a planning template HERE. We looked at past winning speeches, reviewed the criteria and planned using a categorising or relationship or sequencing brainframe, which you should be able to find in your child’s portfolio along with a paper copy of his or her essay.

All speeches can be read in the comments box below. Thank you very much to Mai, Jack, Leylia, Ryuta, Anish, Lisa, Hemal and Ellenah for being risk takers and entering the 5W speech competition to see who would represent 5W at the Grade 5 Celebration / Graduation Day on June 15th. All students and myself voted on the following form, using the criteria mentioned.

Speech voting form

Congratulations to Lisa Harmer for winning – by 1 point from Ellenah with Jack a very close 3rd. See the scores HERE.

Grade 4 / 5 Music Sharing – Auditorium – Wednesday 1st June (doors open 13:45)

A message from Mr. Patterson – our 5W music teacher

Dear Grade 5 Parents,

The Grade 4/5 Music sharing will take place in the auditorium this Wednesday, June 1st, 14:00. Doors will open at 13:45.

Each of the Grade 5 classes has been working on a two part ensemble piece for koto over the past 2 months. The students have focused on a number of more advanced playing techniques and ensemble collaboration. They are excited to share this new learning.

Additionally, a number of the Grade 5 students will accompany the Grade 4 group for a vocal number.

On Wednesday, we request that students wear their red field trip shirt and dark pants or skirt of their choice.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Mr. Patterson – 5W music teacher

Exhibition 2016 – Wednesday April 27th

Exhibition – 11 school days left to Wednesday 27th April.

We shall be looking at a question each day in class as your child moves into his or her final days of independent research and presentation preparation. Any conversations or field trips you can have (or do) with your child at home will no doubt be immensely helpful.

If someone comes to talk with your child at his/her Exhibition in the Auditorium, could s/he talk about the following and provide evidence?

What is your subject about?
How does (what you have been interested in) work? How do you explain it?
Why is (what you have been interested in) the way it is now?
What is (what you have been interested in) connected with/to ?
How has (what you have been interested in) changed over the years?
What are other people’s points of view with (what you have been interested in) ?
How do you know about (what you have been interested in) and what do you think about it all?
What have you DONE about it all or what are you planning to do (action) about (what you have been interested in) ?

Maths – Division

We have looked again today at how we can best divide.

Our conversation centred around:

1. BEFORE Grade 5 – did you have a G4 or G3 teacher that taught you a great way to divide and you understood it? Did your parents or another family member teach you a way to do this that made sense to you? Has a friend taught you? If so, stick with it (but stay open-minded as always). About half of us THINK we know how to divide accurately. Many are unsure.

2. GRADE 5 – Can your child ACCURATELY and CONSISTENTLY divide using a previously taught method OR a ‘long division’ method OR a ‘short division’ method? Many children make basic errors and then are not sure if she or he is right? What can you do?

Mr. Weekes recommends building up (as always) from “What You Know”. The following method builds from individual understanding. For example:

189 divided by 13. I ‘know’ that 10 x 13 = 130 which now means I only have to divide 59 by 13 (189-130=59). If 10 x 13 = 130 then 5 x 13 must be half of that … which equals 65. 6 too many. So my answer must be 10 + 4 (times 13) = 14 remainder 7 (or 14.54).

1684 divided by 12. I ‘know’ that 100 x 12 = 1200 > so immediately my question is reduced to 484 / 12 (1684-1200=484). 10 x 12 = 120, so 40 x 12 = 480 plus 4 left over. Answer then has to be 100 + 40 r 2 = 140 r 2 (or 140.3)

3. We also worked through some ‘long’ and ‘short’ division problems today.

5W students had 5 problems to work through today to show HOW s/he best works with division problems. They were:

541 / 6
983 / 7
689 / 12
817 / 14
768 / 34

‘Bonus ones’: 1249 / 16, 5483 / 37 and 14,292 / 138

Perhaps you could ask your child which way she or he works with division.

Your child will describe what method he or she found easiest to work with today in the comment box below.

5W students – please work through an example question of your choice – a ‘quite hard for me’ question. Be CLEAR. Read Mr. Weekes’ example – is it clear to you? If not, please let me know!

Student Led Conferences on Monday 21st March 2016

5W students are looking forward to welcoming you, explaining some of their work to you and doing some things with you.

Our planning document is HERE.

Students are only expected to be in school for the duration of his or her SLC time.

Thank you very much. I look forward to seeing you on Monday with your child, if you are coming, at your scheduled time.

Kiva loans made by 5W

5W students have been working since September to raise/earn enough money outside of school to be able to finance one USD$25.00 loan through Kiva.org

All students have joined in our efforts in some way and I am proud to say that we have together made loans to people or groups on Kiva worth over USD$500 – or approximately JPY 60,000. You can check on who we have made loans to by clicking on the links in THIS document

Our loans will hopefully be repaid over the next 8 months. If the loan is repaid, it will then be up to your child whether s/he withdraws the money or re-lends it. That will be his/her choice as it is of course his/her money.

Thank you parents for supporting your child. I think it’s a great lesson in teaching how we can, in a small way, help others to help themselves.


5W students all wrote a Grade 5 ‘Celebration’ speech

and congratulations to Joshua Noda-Hines who was voted by his peers to be our 5W class representative at the ‘Grade 5 Celebration’ event on Wednesday 17th June in the Auditorium. Thank you very much to the other students who took the challenge of reading their speech in front of the class. If you would like to read your child’s entry, or any of the 5W students’ entries, please click on one of the links in the comments section below. The criteria we used to vote was:

Speech rubric