Personal Inquiry – 1

5W students have done an amazing job in class today presenting their inquiry process and product/information for their first personal inquiry of the year, which has come about as a result of a few weeks of personal inquiry time and some home learning.

Our process can be seen HERE

We reflected on the strengths and weaknesses of our presentations today so that we can do even better next time:


5W Personal Inquiry time – what is YOUR child interested in?


The 5W ‘PROCESS’ can be seen HERE

Genius Hour / Personal Inquiry Tim – Where interest and curiosity comes alive

Each week we have approximately an hour dedicated for student personal inquiry through Genius Hour. Personal Inquiry time is time given during the school day to allow students to follow their passions and learn about topics that interest them concluding with a presentation of their learning. Sometime action!

Our first step was to identify a range of ideas / topics that we might be personally interested in.

Our second step was to develop a range of questions. Ones that can’t be answered simply with a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

Please ask your child what his or her ideas included and check out your child’s comment in the comment box below.

Of course the question is just the starting point. Sometimes as the kids get into their inquiry they realise that it might not have been the best question. Sometimes they begin and their inquiry takes them in a whole new direction.

The first inquiry has been absolute free choice. Any passion, any project, any curiosity, any interest!

The inquiries for the remainder of the year will be varied. They need to be creative, thought through and followed up. Hopefully the students will be excited about inquiring into an area of personal interest. This is going to be great practice leading up to our Exhibition in April 2017.