Our wonderful science videos

Thank you all 5W students and parents for making some great videos representing some thoughtful science. We shall upload our videos to Seesaw along with our science experiment reports – great examples of procedural writing. Meanwhile, if you want to see some of the videos made, please take a look at them via this link. Thank you.

Podcasts for 5W version of “This I Believe”

For our last Unit of Inquiry into Who We Are, 5W students have been thinking about our central idea that “a person’s identity is shaped by a range of factors,” and about what it is we really believe in. 5W students have used the website This I Believe for inspiration and hopefully you have had the chance to listen along and talk with your child about a few of them, as you have shared your child’s learning.

Thank you all for discussing and sharing with your child the beliefs that you grew up with as a child yourself and for discussing the beliefs that your family holds as important now.

Having looked at the essays on the website This I believe, 5W students have thought about all the beliefs that they hold to be important. From the many that they could think of, each student chose 2 or 3 to really consider and eventually 1 that she or he decided to write about and make a podcast of. We looked at how the essays were written (style) and worked from a modelled example with Mr. Weekes Modelled example

Links to all students’ essays can be found in the comment box below and hopefully you will be able to listen to your child’s and other students’ podcasts directly from the link on the right column of our class blog. Please enjoy.

Learned Helplessness – it’s now up to the students

From the Veritasium YouTube channel. We watched this in class today and discussed how it affects us as Grade 5 students as we head into our Exhibition research.

“grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Reinhold Niebuhr

Our podcasts for ‘This I Believe’ are available to listen to on our blog now

Please check the side bar on the right for the link to the audio file.

If you would like to read your child’s essay too, please ask your child to share it with you from his or her Google Docs account.

Or you can read it by following the link from your child’s comment in the previous post on this blog.

I’m sure the 5W students would appreciate any comment you have to make 🙂

Thank you from all of us here in 5W for your continued support.

Energy exists in different forms and is changed, stored and used in different ways.

Welcome to our third unit of inquiry for the year. We shall be learning more about ‘energy’ and what being a scientist is all about. You may enjoy watching the videos on the following YouTube playlist. We shall watch some in class too. Many of the videos are worth watching MORE than once.