A ‘passion’ turns to action

A big thank you to Ms. Catasti for sharing this video with us. As she says, “It is a real life example of a 10 year old girl who loved to draw, and paint nails. She started a non-profit organization that has volunteers go into hospitals to decorate children’s nails for free. Passion turns to action.

This incredible young entrepreneur started a non-profit organization that provides manicures for children in hospitals. Ellen had a very special surprise for her!

PovertyCure on Microfinance

A video (recommended by Kiva) from PovertyCure discussing the importance of ‘doing’ microfinance right. Because if it’s not done right, loans can easily lead to more problems, more debt and more impoverishment

5W students – could you please leave a comment explaining:

1. what you think poverty is


2. do you think it is ‘fair’ that some people earn hundreds (sometimes thousands) of times more money than others

Thank you
Mr. Weekes