Lines of inquiry help us to focus

5W students have written a Central Idea for themselves and we have decided on one for our class which has been shared with you.

“Through understanding global issues and taking action in our local communities we can start to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Our ‘How We Organise Ourselves’ 2016 Exhibition will focus on the following ‘lines of inquiry’ taken from the key words that appeared in our class Central Idea:


Each 5W student will post their own ‘lines of inquiry’ below in the comment section for to take a look at.

Thank you

5W class

Creative story writing – please share your planning

5W students

Please put a bitly link to YOUR story in the comment box below (please log in first). Please add your title and a brief description of the story before you post it!

Dear parents,

5W students have spent 4 days this week working on writing a story from an image. Their planning will be shared with you on their comment below this. Your son or daughter will bring home his or her handwritten story this weekend to share with you.

Students worked from a planning template

We watched an episode of Shaun the Sheep and deconstructed the story. We read The Gruffalo and watched some clips of it on YouTube. We discussed how the author had made the characters and settings interesting. Then your child had 2 writing sessions to write his or her own story. This story may or may not be finished. Your comments to your child would I’m sure be most appreciated.

School Closed Monday 18th January – Snow Day

Dear 5W students and parents,
You will have heard that school is closed today due to the snow, travel delays and slippery roads.
Here are some things that you might consider looking at doing:

1. Please look for 2~5 recyclable items to bring to school tomorrow as discussed in class and as emailed to your parents (for the next unit of inquiry – wearable art)
2. Mathletics and Khan Academy tasks are set.
3. Please enjoy a good book and update your reading record.
4. Other 5W home learning possibilities can be found HERE

Please stay safe and warm today. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Mr. Weekes

So – who wants to be a member of the YIS Elementary Student Council?

2 students from each class can join. Speeches THIS Friday.

If you are interested in joining ES Student Council, use this next one week to prepare your speech at home (1 to 2 minutes long).

This speech should explain why you believe YOU should be in the Student Council.

In your speech, reflect how you demonstrate:

-the 3Cs – which are commitment (do you have it?), communicator (are you a good one?) and caring – I’m sure you are but how?

-the Learner Profiles and Attitudes

-good leadership skills (what do you think you are good at doing? what suggestions might you have?)

Friday September 18th – This is election day! You will make your speech in front of your class. Your classmates will all vote and choose two people from your class to be the SC reps.

We will contact all selected class reps by email, and have our first ES Student Council meeting on Tuesday September 22nd in 3N classroom (M108).

We will use the Australian ‘Preferential Voting’ system to decide! Watch THIS VIDEO again if you want to understand more about HOW it works.