Grade 5 Graduation / Celebration Speech

This week we have been planning and writing our end of year speech celebrating all of the experiences that the students have enjoyed in their Elementary school years, either at YIS or elsewhere. We really learned something about ‘Who We Are’ from our reflections as we built up our speeches.

All students have practised their speeches independently and with a partner. The speeches and the actual writing have been uploaded to Seesaw for you to see and read on that platform.

Planning was based on THIS document.

From 5W – 10 students decided that they would like to challenge themselves and make their speech in front of the class. All students voted on each speech based on the following rubric.

The result was extremely close – but we will be represented by Hal Mikasa who topped the number of votes. Congratulations to Hal and thank you to all students who challenged for the honour of representing our wonderful 5W class this year.

5W’s essays about the belief they have chosen for this year’s ‘This I Believe’

As you know, we have been planning this week to write our own essay of about 350~500 words so that we can make our own ‘podcast’ next week and publish it on our 5W class blog via Podbean.

5W students – please tell us WHAT belief your essay/podcast will be about and WHY you chose this one.

Please do this in the comment box below and include a BITLY link to your Google Doc (make sure your Gdoc is set to ‘anyone with the link can view’.)

Thank you.

Asking your parents/family – what does your family value the most?

Dear all,

Next week in 5W our class will be listening to a variety of podcasts about what is most important to various people. We will be using a great website called “This I Believe”. For example, we may start with Howard White’s essay/podcast on “The Power of Saying Hello.” Next week, we shall write our own essays and make our own podcasts.

Essay writing suggestions

For now, 5W students would like to interview YOU – parents and family of 5W students. We would like to know … well, what would we like to know?! Why not check the comment boxes below to see what your child wants to ask you? Thank you so much for your help.

So what makes us tick?

We hope you read our wonderful ‘colour’ poems on Seesaw recently? We will ‘perform’ them on put those videos on Seesaw too.

Now we are looking at ourselves. What makes us unique, different, who are we, what makes us tick?

To start with – lesson 1 – we have today worked on a ‘tell frame’ (brainstorm) of all the categories that might apply to anyone of us. Tomorrow (lesson 2) we shall add individual examples for each of these categories.

Today’s categories that 5W students came up with today, individually, in groups and as a whole class included:

personality, hobbies, tech, school subjects, emotions, personal interests, family, talents, friends, food, humour, fashion, animals, travel, special moments in our life, social, music, movies/tv, home life, books, roles in school, role models, art, hopes and dreams, nationality, religion, colours – and there’s probably plenty more we could add tomorrow.

Where will this take us? I smell another poem on the wind!

Exhibition Days


What a great week!!!! Each student in 5W should be very proud of their achievement. They have worked extremely hard to acquire new learning, make new connections and to think and take concrete action on their chosen inquiries. Our focus now is to reflect on our achievements, challenges and action goals for the near future.

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful 5W parents for your help in supporting your child through the whole process and all of the 5W students at their Exhibition night.

Please enjoy some of the photos below. There are photos of 5W students both before they started and after – can you guess which ones are which!!

Grade 10 students helped us refine and practice our BIG / Thick / Open questions today

Today we looked for our most important, BIGGEST, most open/thick questions that we had or have for our Exhibition. The idea is that we want to direct our audience(s) next week to talk with us / ask us about the information we understand and have knowledge about and evidence for.

Here is our document that we all have made a copy of and personalised.

Below are some photos of us working with the Grade 10 students who were excellent today as invaluable buddies. Thank you to Mr Mejia for bringing all the students across to work with us for 30 minutes today.

Exhibition Checklist for Students

Well – we’re nearly there. Only a few more days to go.

Today in class we built up a ‘checklist’ of all the things that we have done (and are doing) that the students will be able to share next week at their Exhibition. This is to ensure that everyone remembers all the hard work that has been done – and that still to come! There’s still plenty of time – but it is running out.

The link to the document can be found HERE. It should form part of the students’ organisation for their How We Organise Ourselves 2017 Exhibition.

Final Exhibition Week – Countdown is ON!

This week we will be concentrating on:

Making stuff – interactive materials/posters/slide shows/audio/video/Art/etc
What will our HOOK be?
Printing things out
Asking more questions as we think of them
Answering the questions that we have already thought of
Taking and editing video
Interviewing experts

The ART room is open at 07:45 everyday for students to (respectfully) use it – please clean up before you leave.

Good luck everyone. Only one more week to go.

5W students’ Central Ideas for our 2017 HWOO Exhibition

5W students thought about how they could write a ‘central idea’ for our How We Organise Ourselves Exhibition. We were inspired today by a presentation from d’Arcy Lunn who has set up the organisation ‘Teaspoons of Change.’

We also thought about incorporating the following KEY words and big ideas:

action/service (particularly local action / small changes)
building community

You can look at all of our ideas HERE.

5W students – please add your central idea in the comment box below.

Thank you
Mr Weekes