Further photos of our Egg Tower Challenge!

Both in the planning stage AND in the ‘is it still standing’ stage!

So what was it that made our students feel like ‘scientists?’ And what would your son or daughter do differently next time?

Our wonderful science videos

Thank you all 5W students and parents for making some great videos representing some thoughtful science. We shall upload our videos to Seesaw along with our science experiment reports – great examples of procedural writing. Meanwhile, if you want to see some of the videos made, please take a look at them via this link. Thank you.

Our reflection on the Marshmallow Challenge – edited using Grammarly

This week 5W students have enjoyed taking tackling the Marshmallow Challenge. We reflected on the big learnings that we took from it.

We have also been introduced to Grammarly and have used Grammarly to edit our reflection write up.

So – you should notice significantly fewer spelling and grammar errors in the reflection writing in the comment boxes below.

5W students, please ‘bitly’ link your Google doc – make sure that you share the link as ‘anyone with the link can view’.

Thank you.

Marshmallow Challenge 2016

5W students had great fun this week doing the Marshmallow Challenge

Our winning group – with the only free standing structure actually standing after 18 minutes – included Dylon, Seidy, Tetsu and Hafren. Here they are:


We all learned about the value of:

listening to each other’s suggestions
the power of ‘prototyping’ – that is trying things early, adapting them and trying again (not waiting to the very end to put the marshmallow on top for the first time!)

I wonder if the students have learned this lesson!! We shall see very soon 🙂

Here are some other photos of students engaging with the Marshmallow Challenge. Please ask your child about it.

Our visit to the Cup Noodle Museum

This is us at the Cup Noodle Museum on the 27th of January. The students now have a task of reporting on their trip with details of the number of their steps, the class median and mean too and how many calories they might have ‘burned’ in a day – assuming a rough average of 20 steps per calorie. Please look at the example template HERE

This year’s WINNER of the Marshmallow Challenge

The famous Marshmallow Challenge

Congratulations to Colin, Jack and Mai who worked particularly well as a group. They were the only group that spent some time planning on paper before they started building. They listened well to each other and tried each other’s ideas. Their structure stood 53 cm tall and was stable. Well done team.

Marshmallow Challenge 2015

Marshmallow Challenge 2015

Winners planning

Refining our compass directions and bearings for our assignment

We worked in randomly chosen pairs to help each other test, check and refine our directions from A to B using compass points, bearings in degrees and steps for distance. We shall invite our Grade 3 buddies to follow these directions next week.

2-4-8 thinking routine

We used this thinking routine with working out what we ‘think’ we know about energy. Not easy. But I think we all understood it.