5W students end of year celebration speech

5W students have been asked to write a short speech that represents his or her feelings at the end of Grade 5. All students were invited to take part in a class ‘speech contest’ to choose one 5W student who will read their speech at the Graduation / Celebration ceremony on the 15th of June.

We worked from a planning template HERE. We looked at past winning speeches, reviewed the criteria and planned using a categorising or relationship or sequencing brainframe, which you should be able to find in your child’s portfolio along with a paper copy of his or her essay.

All speeches can be read in the comments box below. Thank you very much to Mai, Jack, Leylia, Ryuta, Anish, Lisa, Hemal and Ellenah for being risk takers and entering the 5W speech competition to see who would represent 5W at the Grade 5 Celebration / Graduation Day on June 15th. All students and myself voted on the following form, using the criteria mentioned.

Speech voting form

Congratulations to Lisa Harmer for winning – by 1 point from Ellenah with Jack a very close 3rd. See the scores HERE.

Podcasts for 5W version of “This I Believe”

For our last Unit of Inquiry into Who We Are, 5W students have been thinking about our central idea that “a person’s identity is shaped by a range of factors,” and about what it is we really believe in. 5W students have used the website This I Believe for inspiration and hopefully you have had the chance to listen along and talk with your child about a few of them, as you have shared your child’s learning.

Thank you all for discussing and sharing with your child the beliefs that you grew up with as a child yourself and for discussing the beliefs that your family holds as important now.

Having looked at the essays on the website This I believe, 5W students have thought about all the beliefs that they hold to be important. From the many that they could think of, each student chose 2 or 3 to really consider and eventually 1 that she or he decided to write about and make a podcast of. We looked at how the essays were written (style) and worked from a modelled example with Mr. Weekes Modelled example

Links to all students’ essays can be found in the comment box below and hopefully you will be able to listen to your child’s and other students’ podcasts directly from the link on the right column of our class blog. Please enjoy.

Beliefs + Values + Attitudes – Unit 6. Who we are.

Our last unit of inquiry in Grade 5 is centred around “Who We Are.” Our central idea is “A person’s identity is shaped by a range of factors.”

We have started by trying to identify what the difference is between a ‘belief’, ‘value’ and ‘attitude’. We are then going to write to our parents and ask you if you wouldn’t mind talking about the beliefs/values/attitudes you grew up with and the ones that you might most want your child to develop.

Please look at the comment box below to see what your child currently understands is the difference between a belief, value and attitude. And look out for an email from your son or daughter too! I hope it leads to another great family conversation.

Mr. Weekes

Our podcasts for ‘This I Believe’ are available to listen to on our blog now

Please check the side bar on the right for the link to the audio file.

If you would like to read your child’s essay too, please ask your child to share it with you from his or her Google Docs account.

Or you can read it by following the link from your child’s comment in the previous post on this blog.

I’m sure the 5W students would appreciate any comment you have to make 🙂

Thank you from all of us here in 5W for your continued support.

This I Believe – Podcast essay can be read here

Dear all,

This week 5W students have been planning and writing and editing a 350 ~ 500 word essay on a subject in which she or he believes deeply. This is inspired by the website This I Believe.

If you open the ‘comments’ box above, you will be able to find your child’s podcast essay and read it. Please talk to your child about the planning process that led to his or her essay.

The audio podcast will be recorded in the next few days and uploaded to our class blog by the end of April. Please check back here to listen to your child’s podcast later. Thank you.

So what do you believe in?

This I Believe

We will be looking at what is really important to us. What do we really believe in – even if we haven’t thought about it very much! Or at least we perhaps don’t even notice we think something is important.

This week, 5W students will be listening to many podcasts on the This I Believe site and writing a response to some of them. Today we modeled one way to do this and you can find YOUR child’s work from the comments box below.

HERE is the model that we worked on together this morning.

Belief or opinion?

What is the difference between an opinion and a belief? In your opinion that is?

I ‘believe’ in:

  • living a (fairly) healthy lifestyle
  • the importance of sleep
  • education for all
  • chasing your dreams
  • being responsible for yourself and your own achievements
  • pushing yourself (safely)
  • being as nice as possible to all humans and animals

I have an ‘opinion’ about:

  • what is the best chocolate
  • which kind of person do I prefer to spend time around
  • football is the best sport
  • Thailand being a great country to live in