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Home Learning
YIS Home Learning Policy
Dear all,
By early September we will have discussed in class the many ways that students can responsibly spend 45 minutes on school nights working at home. Together we made and reviewed a Google Doc with lots of different options HERE. This list does not include all possibilities. What else can you (your child) safely and appropriately do? Wednesdays have been reserved for Japanese home learning – due back into school on the Friday of the same week.
The Japanese department have asked us to reserve Wednesdays for Japanese homework – to be ready for the Friday of the same week.
DIY – Get skills. Be awesome. This website will help your child be (and become) creative and independent. It was a HUGE hit with our students last year and it particularly suits our philosophy of education here at YIS.
We would like to STRONGLY encourage reading for pleasure at home and there is an expectation that students in Grade 5 read for 20 minutes + per night. This could be in their home language(s) too. Please consider reading ALOUD to your child. Even at this age, most children find this a hugely enjoyable (and beneficial) time. We may also set ‘guided reading’ tasks and challenges for your child throughout the year.
Occasionally work related to the ongoing unit of inquiry or class work in general will be set. Plenty of time will be allowed for any work set and teachers are aware that not all children have help on hand at home, should they require it.
There are of course many other ways for your child to spend time at home. PLAY is crucially important for Elementary age children – and being able to structure their own time (instead of us adults planning all free time) is another very important thing for your child to do for their own healthy development. Being bored can be good (for a short time!)
If you check out the RESOURCES link on our 5W class blog, I am sure you will find links to all sorts of things that your child/family might find useful for extending your child’s learning at home.
If you have any thoughts or questions or comments, please come and talk to us here at YIS.
Julian Weekes

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  1. Research shows that learning any language (math, Japanese, or English) requires consistent work. Do you think we could have just 10 minute homework assignment for Japanese rather than 40 minutes on just on one day? This way it is continually reinforced and builds upon the foundation. My daughter is 6 and at the local Japanese school. She gets 15 minutes everyday in math, Japanese and English. Perhaps we could do this with maths too! THANK YOU!!!

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