Interesting articles to read

Interesting articles to read

Articles for Parents

Here are some interesting articles on schools/education. If interested, please follow the links below to some interesting articles on various themes:

Wasting Minds – by Ronald Wolk

The art of listening – by Henning Mankell (New York Times Dec 13, 2011)

The Boy in the Mirror

‘Finnishing’ School

Kids and Technology

Ask Ian Jukes – 7 questions about today’s education of your child

The value of teachers

Elementary School Leadership in an Age of Anxiety

9 Essential Skills Kids Should Learn

What schools and parents should strive for, instead, is what he referred to as a “flow experience,” where kids are highly focused, making a high level of effort, while also experiencing high enjoyment coupled with low stress.

Why French parents are superior

7 misconceptions about how students learnWill Rogers once said, “It isn’t what people don’t know that hurts them. It’s what they do know that just ain’t so.” That’s the introduction to a list of seven myths about learning on the Web site of the Independent Curriculum Group


I would especially like to thank Mr. Mural in Grade 4 for giving me permission to share the following articles from his 4M class blog. (if you weren’t lucky enough to have Mr. Mural as a class teacher last year.)

1. Don’t Write Off Comic Books

2. What Kids Should Eat to Do Well in School

3. Healthy Snacks in School- “Schools Dangle Carrot Snacks, But It’s a Tough Sale

4. “Put Your Hand Down“- A school that has banned hand-raising

5. Tutoring – “The Pressure Is On”

6. Too Much TV + Video Games for Kids = Shorter Attention Span

7. “Does Not Compute” – A school in America that says “No” to computers (but not high tuition:)

8. Banning Sodas in Schools has a Limited Impact

9. Is Banning Soccer Balls at Recess going too far? One school doesn’t think so.

10. Is Your Child’s Backpack Too Heavy?

11. All Your Child Wants for Christmas is an iPad… or an iPod… or an iPhone

12. Junk Food = Lower IQ for Children

ALSO, for parents who are new to Japan and require information about earthquake and disaster preparedness, please click here.

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