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Or how about testing your times tables here: Learn Your Multiplication Tables

Khan Academy – Grade 5 (Content was selected for this grade level based on a typical curriculum in the United States). If you want harder or easier stuff, search for the curriculum one grade level higher or lower.

This is a GREAT tool for Home Learning. Watch a video or 2, try some of the questions. Get stuck – click ‘get a hint’ or watch the video again, or watch the second video – there’s normally at least 2 videos.

Mathematics- Specific: We use Mathletics and Khan Academy

Number One go to site for 5W is Maths is Fun


Maths Bugs Me

Place ValuePlace Value Pirates.
NumberMathsChamps – games that help children learn their number facts and practice quick-fire calculations; MathsFrame – Find the correct number in a sequence; Solve linear equations with Algebra Meltdown.
Measurement – Area & Perimeter. Test your knowledge of Area & Perimeter. Different levels of difficulty. Also, try MathPlayground.
Chance & Data – Probability. Probability game for kids and Spinner game– Spin the spinner and tally the results! Data Handling: Graphs. Use graphs from ThatQuiz to test your knowledge (2 levels of content: Easier and Normal). For those who do not have access to Numbers or Excel on their home computers, students can also use Create-A-Graph from Kids’Zone or Illuminations to create their own graphs and improve their skills. Additional activities can be found at BBC Bitesize.
Multiplication – Lots of games at, like Grand Prix Pro, Space Race, Super Stars and Flying High. Sundae Times – Use your knowledge of times tables to build the tallest, most incredible ice cream sundae possible! Also, there’s an easier version (add/minus/times/divide) called Sundae Times LITE.
Fractions & Decimals – Fractions. Use “Who Wants Pizza?” to help understand fractions; Fresh Baked Fractions plus more fractions info here. Decimals. Use Flower Power and Decimals in Space to help your understanding of decimals and place value.
Money & Currency – Use Cash Out, where you’re the cashier at a store. You need to give change to the customers buying things. Try to sell as many items as possible before the time runs out. You can also learn more about money here. Change Maker allows you to work with different currencies.
Shape & Space – Shape. 2D. Use Shifting Shapes to find the sides of the shape. Are they straight or curved? How many sides? How many corners? Can you guess what it is? Use ThatQuiz to test your knowledge of shapes. Use Crickweb to sort polygons, recognize & remember shapes, learn about symmetry and more. 3D. You can also learn more about 3D shapes/geometric solids/polyhedra by manipulating them at Illuminations or Math Forum.
Word problems – Math Maven’s Mysteries – word problems from SCHOLASTIC.

Mathematics- Apps:

Blocks Free – Solve puzzles by sliding an orange block off the board (by sliding the other blocks out of its way). The horizontal blocks only move left and right, while the vertical blocks slide up and down. Great for thinking and developing strategies.

Sushi Monster! – Scholastic game to practice, reinforce, and extend math fact fluency.

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