5W students’ Central Ideas for our 2017 HWOO Exhibition

5W students thought about how they could write a ‘central idea’ for our How We Organise Ourselves Exhibition. We were inspired today by a presentation from d’Arcy Lunn who has set up the organisation ‘Teaspoons of Change.’

We also thought about incorporating the following KEY words and big ideas:

action/service (particularly local action / small changes)
building community

You can look at all of our ideas HERE.

5W students – please add your central idea in the comment box below.

Thank you
Mr Weekes

5W students Central Ideas for our Exhibition

Exhibition Simple Quick Guide 2016

The Exhibition unit of inquiry ‘central idea’, lines of inquiry and questions you ask will help you to stay focused during the Exhibition process and help you find out more about your issue. After class discussion, all 5W students wrote a few Central Ideas to explain what s/he thought the Exhibition would be all about please see our planning HERE.) Having had a chance to discuss this further with parents or an older sibling / family member, all 5W students chose their own favourite Central Idea which she or he has posted in the comment section below.

After a 5W vote and some ‘smushing’ of the top 3, we ended up as a class with a 5W Central Idea of:

“Through understanding global issues and taking action in our local communities we can start to make a difference in people’s lives.”

5W students, please add YOUR best (in your opinion) Central Idea in a comment box below. Thank you.