Grade 10 students helped us refine and practice our BIG / Thick / Open questions today

Today we looked for our most important, BIGGEST, most open/thick questions that we had or have for our Exhibition. The idea is that we want to direct our audience(s) next week to talk with us / ask us about the information we understand and have knowledge about and evidence for.

Here is our document that we all have made a copy of and personalised.

Below are some photos of us working with the Grade 10 students who were excellent today as invaluable buddies. Thank you to Mr Mejia for bringing all the students across to work with us for 30 minutes today.

5W Personal Inquiry time – what is YOUR child interested in?


The 5W ‘PROCESS’ can be seen HERE

Genius Hour / Personal Inquiry Tim – Where interest and curiosity comes alive

Each week we have approximately an hour dedicated for student personal inquiry through Genius Hour. Personal Inquiry time is time given during the school day to allow students to follow their passions and learn about topics that interest them concluding with a presentation of their learning. Sometime action!

Our first step was to identify a range of ideas / topics that we might be personally interested in.

Our second step was to develop a range of questions. Ones that can’t be answered simply with a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

Please ask your child what his or her ideas included and check out your child’s comment in the comment box below.

Of course the question is just the starting point. Sometimes as the kids get into their inquiry they realise that it might not have been the best question. Sometimes they begin and their inquiry takes them in a whole new direction.

The first inquiry has been absolute free choice. Any passion, any project, any curiosity, any interest!

The inquiries for the remainder of the year will be varied. They need to be creative, thought through and followed up. Hopefully the students will be excited about inquiring into an area of personal interest. This is going to be great practice leading up to our Exhibition in April 2017.

Exhibition 2016 – Wednesday April 27th

Exhibition – 11 school days left to Wednesday 27th April.

We shall be looking at a question each day in class as your child moves into his or her final days of independent research and presentation preparation. Any conversations or field trips you can have (or do) with your child at home will no doubt be immensely helpful.

If someone comes to talk with your child at his/her Exhibition in the Auditorium, could s/he talk about the following and provide evidence?

What is your subject about?
How does (what you have been interested in) work? How do you explain it?
Why is (what you have been interested in) the way it is now?
What is (what you have been interested in) connected with/to ?
How has (what you have been interested in) changed over the years?
What are other people’s points of view with (what you have been interested in) ?
How do you know about (what you have been interested in) and what do you think about it all?
What have you DONE about it all or what are you planning to do (action) about (what you have been interested in) ?