5W’s essays about the belief they have chosen for this year’s ‘This I Believe’

As you know, we have been planning this week to write our own essay of about 350~500 words so that we can make our own ‘podcast’ next week and publish it on our 5W class blog via Podbean.

5W students – please tell us WHAT belief your essay/podcast will be about and WHY you chose this one.

Please do this in the comment box below and include a BITLY link to your Google Doc (make sure your Gdoc is set to ‘anyone with the link can view’.)

Thank you.

Asking your parents/family – what does your family value the most?

Dear all,

Next week in 5W our class will be listening to a variety of podcasts about what is most important to various people. We will be using a great website called “This I Believe”. For example, we may start with Howard White’s essay/podcast on “The Power of Saying Hello.” Next week, we shall write our own essays and make our own podcasts.

Essay writing suggestions

For now, 5W students would like to interview YOU – parents and family of 5W students. We would like to know … well, what would we like to know?! Why not check the comment boxes below to see what your child wants to ask you? Thank you so much for your help.