Yokohama International School hosts an annual informal mini-conference focused on developing our Connected Learning Community. This year we are proud to have over 55 participants attending from over 21 different schools around Asia, the Middle East and the USA!

At #beyondlaptops there are no formal speakers, or presentation sessions, because we believe the best part of a conference is the informal conversations you have between those sessions. At #beyondlaptops, the conference is the participants. We’ll work together to address pressing issues that are facing our schools, to share ideas and experiences, and to create a collaborative artifact that reflects our vision of the future of educational technology in international schools.

Therefore, the purpose of our event is to network with leaders at international schools in the Asia region with similar goals and objectives in the hope that we can all help each other take our 1:1 implementations to the next level. We will be discussing any and all facets of developing a 1:1 program beyond “just laptops,” including:

  • Essential skills: what are they and how do we teach them?
  • The future and beyond: envisioning a future we can not know
  • Changes to learning environments and curriculum structure
  • Staffing needs to support continual development
  • Embracing Digital Citizenship as a community
  • Embracing digital connectivity: when, how, why and where do we share?
  • Evaluation and reflection: how do we know the program is “working”?
  • Logistics and Management
  • Student panel, sharing feedback from YIS and beyond
Does this sound like an event you’d like to be part of? Please join us online or request an invitation for our next event (in the 2012-2013 academic year).