YIS has arranged for a special rate at two nearby hotels. As you can see in the map below, the two hotels are within walking distance of YIS.

Booking Your Hotel

Participants need to book their hotel independently (note: this is different from last year).

Note: A public holiday starts the week after the conference. Unfortunately this means that YIS was only able to reserve a limited number of rooms.

The options include:

  • 15 rooms available at The Star Hotel (walking distance)
  • 4 single rooms and 5 double rooms at the Hotel New Grand (walking distance)
  • Booking a hotel on your own – in some cases you will be able to secure a more reasonable price for accommodation than we can by booking yourself. Expedia offers some reasonable prices on hotels in within walking distance, or a couple of train stops away.

Hotel costs are at the participants expense. Please use the booking forms linked below and send to the hotel directly.

  • The cheapest option: The Star Hotel:
    • Single use : JPY7,000 (Wed/Thurs night) / JPY11,400 (Fri/Sat night)
    • Breakfast, Service and Tax all included
    • Please use this Starhotel booking form to reserve a room at the Star Hotel.
  • The nicer (and more expensive) option: Hotel New Grand:
    • Single use : JPY15,000 (Wed/Thurs night) / JPY22,000 (Fri/Sat night)
    • Single use : JPY18,000 (Wed/Thurs night) / JPY25,000 (Fri/Sat night)
    • Breakfast, Service and Tax all included
    • Please use this New Grand Booking form to reserve a room at the Hotel New Grand.

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