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Michael Boll

mbollMichael Boll is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Educator and Technology Coach.

An avid podcaster and writer, Michael is passionate about designing, hosting and delivering professional development opportunities for teachers.

As a father to a child with profound autism, Michael is always looking to connect with the special needs community.

See what Michael is up to on his website.

Madeleine Brooks

madeleine-brookesMadeleine Brookes joined the Western Academy of Beijing in August 2008 and is the HS Technology Integrator and IBDP/MYP ITGS teacher. Madeleine has been a technology integrator/coordinator/leader for a large number years in six international schools including UNIS Hanoi, Bangkok Patana School as well as schools in Qatar and Turkey. Madeleine’s key area of expertise is organising and presenting technology-focused PD. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE), Greater China ADE Advisory board member and Eduro Learning Founding Partner. In 2014 Madeleine became the Executive Director of the Learning2 Conference, a non-profit organisation with a mission to ‘innovate social learning globally’.

Kim Cofino

Kim-Cofino-199x300Kim is currently a Technology and Learning Coach at Yokohama International School, Japan. Prior to YIS, Kim worked in Bangkok, KL, and Munich. Kim is an Apple Distinguished Educator, COETAIL co-founder, Eduro Learning Founding Partner, and member of the L2 Advisory. Find out more about Kim at:



Mr. D.

IMG_0443A recently self-diagnosed lifelong learner, Mr. D. (@aasomrd on Twitter) is the Director of EdTech at the AmerAsian School in Okinawa, where he’s also the Digital Learning Coach and G6/7 homeroom teacher. (Currently teaching music, comparative culture, and digital literacy classes.) In his spare time, à la a heady mix of folks like Braidotti, boyd, Taylor, and Nusselder, he’s like totally into generalising intersectional knowledge on the emergent posthuman subjectivities of populations of mediated “disruptive” youth in diasporic, post-materialist subcultures. COETAIL & L2Asia!


Heather Dowd

heatherdowdHeather Dowd is a middle school education technology coach at Singapore American School where she loves geeking out with students and teachers. She is a former high school physics teacher who has fallen in love with middle school despite her attempts to not follow in her mother’s middle school teacher footsteps. She has taught in Japan, Illinois, Mexico and Singapore. Teaching English with the JET program in Kumamoto, Japan inspired her to become an educator. While she once hid her excitement for school from her middle school classmates, she now proudly wears the title of “learner” for all to see. When she isn’t involved in some sort of PD course, Heather travels, takes photos, spends time with family and tries to get in touch with her artistic side. You can find her on Twitter and Google+.

Clint Hamada

clint-hamadaClint is currently the Technology and Learning Coach and the MYP Design Head of Department at Yokohama International School. He is totally excited by 3D printing, robotics and coding at the moment. Prior to moving to Japan, he taught in Hanoi, Dar es Salaam, Tokyo and the Los Angeles suburbs. Clint is a founding partner of Eduro Learning, helps to organize Learning2 Asia, and is a COETAIL Online instructor. He also is a husband and father. You can find him on Twitter or at his blog Learning on the Job.


Emily MacLean

Emily_MacLean_SingaporeEmily MacLean is currently a Year 5 PYP homeroom teacher/Year 5 Coordinator at Chatsworth International School in Singapore who will be transitioning into the role of Primary Technology Coach next year. She is passionate about fostering student voice and leadership inside and out of the classroom. As a Google Certified Teacher, Emily uses technology tools to facilitate digital learning in a 1:1 laptop classroom various initiatives. Emily also enjoys Friday afternoon ‘Just Dance’ parties with her students, dodgeball and kickboxing. Visit her site at, find her on Twitter @msemilymaclean or connect via Google+.


Rob Newberry

IMG_0491Rob Newberry is the Director of Education Technology for the Chatsworth Group of Schools in Singapore. Originally from Canada, he works with teachers and students on finding meaningful uses for technology in the classroom and has a personal interest in video games and gamification. Rob is also the curator of two TEDx events, and the former Editor in Chief of Pixel Enemy – a popular video game website. Most recently he has taken an interest in school policy and he also likes cats.

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